Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Adorable "Mean Kitty" Video

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Drawing Heaven - 12 Yr. Old Artist

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ALERT: Re-writing Our Nation's History

This serious situation has been brought to my attention... Eight members of the Texas State Board of Education (TSBE) could soon re-write our nation's textbooks and censor our heritage of faith and freedom!

"The Texas State Board of Education will soon finalize the language that publishers use to align their textbooks to current "acceptable standards." They are receiving pressure and outrageous demands from activists who want to literally re-write American history!

The Board is considering many radical changes to the curriculum, even stripping "Christmas Day" from the textbooks and including a Hindu holiday called "Diwali"! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Other changes being considered:

 - Replacing the term "American" with "Global Citizen."

 - Stating that students need to be shaped "for responsible citizenship in a global society."

 - Removing all references to Daniel Boone, General George Patton, Nathan Hale, and Columbus Day.

 - Replacing "expansionism and free enterprise" with "imperialism and capitalism."

If that's not alarming enough, it gets worse! Because Texas is the nation's largest purchaser of textbooks, many other school systems nationally use these same books.

The decision of eight people could affect a generation of tens of millions of our nation's school children!

That's why we MUST "Take Back America" in 2010

If we allow these socialists to indoctrinate America's upcoming generations by tearing down the cultural foundations of our nation, our heritage and our freedom will be lost forever!

In order to take back our nation, we must stop any and all efforts to revise our history and brainwash our children! That's why I want to send the strongest message possible to the liberal elites that we will NOT allow them to destroy our heritage.

But I need your help.


Join tens of thousands of concerned Americans who have already signed the "Take Back America 2010" petition:

Liberty Counsel will do everything in our power to stop anti-faith, anti-American revisionists from re-writing our children's textbooks. But I need you to stand with
me right now to "Take Back America."

On the Huckabee show, I quoted the Declaration of Independence:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

I am deeply thankful for the Founding Fathers who crafted these documents and for the millions who have fought for our liberties and freedom over the years. I will
not allow a handful of people to rewrite the past in order to reduce our nation to being a small part of some ill-conceived global society!

Please help me by signing our "Take Back America 2010" petition.

Thank you and God bless America!"

Mathew Staver, Founder and Chairman
Liberty Counsel

** Excerpts taken from email sent by Mathew Staver

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"LOST" continued...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ WARNING! WARNING! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
In depth review of the "LOST" season premier.

Okay... here's my take on "LOST" Tuesday night.

There seems to be two storylines running.  One on the island in present day (or at least in present day for them)... and the other is if the plane didn't crash.

The scenario going on with them still on the island and no longer in 1977 seems to be the continuation of what we have been following over the last five seasons.

The scenario of being back on the plane with some minor changes is either:

1.  Showing what would have happened had the plane never crashed. To compare how their lives could have played out.  Charlie... instead of dying a hero would have been arrested when the plane landed in LA.  Locke, instead of the strong leader... is still a victim of his paralysis... lying to Boone about the walk-about, still feeling inferior.  Kate, escaping and on the run yet again.  Jin and Sun... marriage still in trouble, she's still hiding her knowledge of English from her husband (at least I'm assuming she is)... even though he's taken into custody for not declaring all the cash he had with him.  Rose, instead of being cured, is returning to her fate of dying with cancer.  It's like the island crash had been a blessing in disguise in it's ability to change these people so dramatically, to really bring out the best of them in the end.

2.  Showing what would have happened if the situation was changed, they had not crashed... BUT... in time they still would have ended up on the island in another way.  Like it was meant to be... there is a reason they needed to be there.  A bigger plan!  No matter what happened or happens... they are supposed to wind up on that island for the showdown between good and evil!

I am fairly certain it's scenario #2.  These people were meant to be there... it was their destiny.  That's why they think the bomb explosion didn't work.  They thought it would put everything back and they would've never crashed there in the first place.  So when they jump back through time and they are still on the island, they think it didn't work.  (Even though Juliet's spirit tells Miles it did work.)  But lo and behold... they end up on the island some other way yet to be revealed!

I have to say... this Locke thing took me by surprise.  All this time I was seeing him as the chosen one... to defeat the evil encroaching the island.  Now to find out he was being deceived by the evil one (which I should have seen coming)... I mean, seriously, isn't that just the way evil works!  *lol*  Anyways, after Jacob was killed and Sayid came back to life... my first reaction was, "Jacob just took over Sayid!  Jacob must have seen this coming and that's why he needed Sayid to come back to the island!  Sayid is now the chosen one."  A showdown between Locke and Sayid... how cool!

I'm not saying that's what will happen, just a line of thought based on the information given up to this point.  The direction is more than likely to change as more info is furnished.  But, oooooo... the wheels of my mind are a turnin'!!

Some things I can't quite figure...  Why is Desmond on the plane?  I get the whole deja vu thing with Jack, he and Desmond met before when they were running the steps at that place, before Desmond left for the race.  But Desmond was not on that flight, he was already on the island and had been for three years.  And he wasn't one of the people who went back to the island.  Another is when Hurley says he's lucky, no longer thinking he's cursed.  Why would he be on that plane.  The only reason he went to Australia was to find the guy about the cursed numbers.  If he was no longer cursed, he wouldn't have had to go.  And why was the island under water?  And I thought when Jack looked out the plane window he saw the island through the cloud cover.  Was that just my imagination?  I'll have to go back and watch again.  Oh, how did Locke get over on Richard?  Richard is usually wisor, more intuitive or have more information.  Maybe he had a stronger connection with Jacob than originally thought.  Maybe since Jacob was dead, he couldn't see Locke's intention.  It was hard to see Richard go down like that.

So, okay, for all you people who don't get this... fascination... this is how I explained it to my mom.  It's like reading a much loved book.  You become involved, invested, you come to really know and care about the characters and the story.  I used to read books when I was a teen... but I am more of a visual person so I tend to get into tv & movies like someone else would a book.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Ok, my "LOST" dorkiness is coming out!  The final season begins tonight.  It is just minutes away now and I CAN'T WAIT!!!  Although I've been itching to get some answers and see how this all plays out... I know that at the end of this season, just a few short months away, the show is over.  I will really miss this show... I'm a puzzle-person and this show was a big 'ol puzzle to solve.  So it suited my nature just fine and I became hooked.  I like the ones that make me think!

To see what you've missed just go to:

and watch episodes from the beginning.