Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Other Side of Tolerance

by: Tony Perkins

In the final hours of the health care debate, much was made over insults which were hurled at those members of Congress responsible for the massive government takeover. There was a clear effort to make the Democratic members, who supported the President's health care takeover, seem like "victims" who were taking principled stances for the people. The media was also quick to report word from Democratic leaders that 10 of their members had been victims of threats and acts of vandalism, which are inappropriate and have no place in civil discourse.

Meanwhile, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) and his family were the targets of a death threat for which a Philadelphia man was arrested on Monday. While the media reported the threat against Rep. Cantor, they didn't point out that the suspect, Norman Leboon, claimed on his YouTube website that he is the "Messiah" of "gays and lesbians" and asks his homosexual "children" to leave the armed forces so that he might "smite" those remaining. This was not an insignificant omission. There is a clear pattern of intimidation that comes from many homosexual activists.

In fact, the U.S. Supreme Court will take up the issue next month in a case that springs from the Washington State ballot measure to protect marriage. As they have in Massachusetts, California and elsewhere, homosexual activists in Washington State resorted to civic terrorism to intimidate those who signed the ballot measure. The question in this case is whether or not those who sign can do so without their names being publicly released. The evidence is mounting that those who are trumpeting the call for tolerance, have little tolerance for those they disagree with.

What I want to specifically draw attention to is that "leftist liberals" and "media outlets" are really quick to accuse all Christians and anyone associated with the "Tea-Party" as "crazy, gun-toting, racist rednecks" anytime some idiot does something that disagrees with the liberal agenda!

Like this so-called Hutaree "militia" group that is in the news right now.  If what is being said is correct:

"That would be David B. Stone Sr., who federal authorities say is the leader of a Christian militia group called the Hutaree, which they accuse of plotting to kill law-enforcement officers in an attempt to spark a broad revolt against the U.S. government. Including raids in Ohio and Indiana over the same weekend, the authorities would arrest nine people, including Stone, his wife Tina and his son David Jr., 19. Another son, Joshua, 21, was apprehended late on Monday. The alleged Hutaree members have been charged with sedition and attempted use of weapons of mass destruction."

Just because this group touts themselves as a "Christian" group doesn't mean they are true followers of Christ.  What they were planning IS NOT Christian and true Christians do not endorse this behavior or those types of acts.

There are crazies everywhere claiming to represent all kinds of walks of life.  Just as in the article above... that is one crazy homosexual that needs to be put away.  But he does not represent all homosexuals.

The liberal left and "liberal" media need to be more careful how they label others that disagree with their views.  And the "liberal" media need to start reporting BOTH sides of an issue and not hushing up or refuse to report facts of a situation because it makes their side look bad.

Monday, March 29, 2010

My Food Creations

 I've been getting into creating my own things in the kitchen... discovering and using herbs and foods in new/different ways. I don't buy processed foods, pre-packaged meals, or canned soups.  I make my own soups, spaghetti sauce, and various creative dishes.  I use to go through mayonnaise and ranch dressing fairly rapid... now I barely touch the stuff.  I don't buy that pre-sliced processed bread either.  I either make it or buy Artisan or hearty fresh baked loaves.

I use to have some basic herbs and spices that I kept around... each had it's purpose.

  • Sage and Thyme for meats and soups.
  • Dill for tunafish sandwiches.
  • Paprika for deviled eggs.
  • Cinnamon for toast or cinnamon rolls.
  • Then the standard salt, pepper, garlic salt and seasoning salt.
 Then I discovered Rosemary, Basil, Parsley, Mediterranean Oregano, Crushed Red Pepper, Ginger, Ground Mustard, Celery Flakes, Cloves, and Fennel Seed.  Olive oil is just about the only oil I use anymore.

I discovered that cabbage could be used for more than cole slaw, stuffed cabbage, and boiled dinner.  I can go through a head or two in a week.  I eat beans now, and I'm not talkin' green beans, I've always eaten them.  The only time I ate beans was when I ate kidney beans in chili or baked beans at a bar-b-cue.  My favorites are black beans and cannellini beans.  I love romaine and spinach salads, but I started keeping frozen chopped spinach in the freezer to throw into omelets, soups, pasta dishes, sauces... whatever I desire. 

Here's a pasta dish I made.  I put fresh garlic, garlic salt, pepper, basil and extra virgin olive oil in my Magic Bullet and blended it well.  I used that to sautee some cubed pork (added some crushed red pepper), when that was well cooked I tossed in some pasta and dried parsley. Sprinkled shredded parmesan cheese, tossed, and a served with brussel sprouts.

I also made some rosemary/garlic bread.  Made a small 'oops', but it worked out well.  When I laid the dough out on the pan to raise, the two loaves puffed out into each other.  I moved one to another pan and centered the other.  When I moved them they fell (deflated).  I figured they would puff back up while cooking... wrong!  They came out about an inch or so high.  I'm thinking, "Oh great, what a waste."  I hate waste so I was trying to figure some way to use them.  I thought I could use them in a savory bread pudding, but when I sliced it... it was fine, it wasn't all hard and dense.  It looked like the shape of biscotti... so I brushed some slices with EVOO and stuck them in the oven.  Made FANTASTIC breadsticks.

So I'll be adding my recipes and pics of my creations to my blog.  If you try any of them, let me know what you think... or any changes you've made.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cherry Cola Bar-B-Cue Sauce

I got this recipe from my cousin... it's very good.  Spicey-sweet!  I just made another batch and made a few minor changes.  The recipe is very good as is... I just like playing with recipes.

4 (12 oz) cans Cherry Cola (flat)
2 cups Cherry Jam or Preserves
2/3 cup Dijon mustard w/horseradish (I used French's Horseradish Mustard, not fond of Dijon)
3 Tbls Soy Sauce
2 Tbls Malt Vinegar or Apple Cider Vinegar  (I used 1 Tbls. Worcestershire & 1 Tbls. Balsamic Vinegar)
1 Tbls Hot Pepper Sauce
7 to 7-1/2 lbs. Spareribs (or any Pork, Chicken, Beef)

• Boil cherry cola in heavy large saucepan over medium-high heat until reduced to 1-1/2 cups, about 45 minutes.

• Stir in next 5 ingredients. Reduce heat to medium and simmer until mixture is reduced to 2-1/2 cups, stirring occasionally, about 35 minutes.

• Transfer glaze to large bowl.

• Position racks in top and bottom thirds of oven and preheat to 325°.

• Sprinkle ribs w/salt and pepper. Wrap each rib rack w/aluminum foil tightly, enclosing completely.

• Divide foil packets between 2 rimmed baking sheets. Bake until ribs are very tender, switching positions of baking sheets halfway through baking, about 2 hours total. Cool ribs slightly in foil; pour off any fat from foil packets.

• Prepare barbeque (medium-low heat)

• Cut each rib rack between bones into individual ribs. Set aside 1 cup glaze. Add ribs to bowl w/remaining glaze and toss to coat. Grill ribs until brown and glazed, turning to prevent burning, about 5 minutes total.

• Serve, passing reserved glaze separately.

Try the recipe either way and let me know what you think.

Friday, March 26, 2010

"LOST" - It Was Stated In The Beginning

In season 1, episode 2 - Crash Pt. 2:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

"LOST" - Ab Aeterno

Mar. 23 Episode: Ab Aeterno

This was an exciting episode... we finally got Richard's back story, plus we had some questions answered: When did Richard come to the island? How long has he been there? How and when was the statue destroyed? How did the 'Black Rock' come to rest in the middle of the island? Now we know!

Richard begins to believe that he's been chump'd, that he believed the wrong guy. Richard has lost faith.

There seems to be much debate online about who is "really" the bad dude... to me there is no question. The MIB continues to deceive and make promises he can't keep. Jacob does not.

When MIB asks Richard to kill Jacob, Richard says, "You killed the officers on the ship." MIB deflects with, "I'm not the one you need to worry about. The devil has your wife and you are going to have to kill him if you ever want to get her back." Instead of answering the accusation, MIB just turns the conversation in another direction... then offers Richard something his heart desires... to see his wife again. This is the evil deceit.

According to Jacob, MIB believes that everyone is corruptible because it's in their very nature to sin. "I bring people here to prove him wrong. And when they get here, their past doesn't matter."

MIB... just like Satan... finds your weakness, your desire, and uses that, along with his promises, to persuade you to sell your soul. For many, it really doesn't take much.

Richard asks Jacob why he didn't help the others who have come before... Jacob replies, "Because I wanted them to help themselves." This is what God wants... for people to help themselves, not bemoan 'Why me, why doesn't God fix it." We are not puppets for God to manipulate. Jacob, like God, wants people to know the difference between right and wrong, he wants people to do what's right... but he doesn't force them... he gives them free will. (In season 5 finale, Jacob tells Ben (before Ben kills Jacob, of course), "You have a choice. You can do what he (Locke) asks or you can go." Jacob tells Hugo in the cab when discussing coming back to the island, "It's your choice Hugo, you don't have to do anything you don't want to.")

One thing I noticed... maybe I'm reading too much into it... but when Jacob states, "Why should I have to step in?" Richard replies, "If you don't, he (MIB) will!" Jacob pauses with a look of contemplation, almost like this is when he begins to devise this plan! So, in essence, Richard is the one who gave Jacob this idea... which begins this whole production to finally convince MIB that people are not inherently bad.

As Jacob says to MIB and Ben in the season 5 finale... "It takes a very long time when you're making a thread."

Then Jacob offers Richard a job... as Jacob's representative. Richard asks for something in return:
1. His wife back. Jacob says, "Can't do that."
2. To absolve him of his sins so he doesn't go to hell. Jacob says, "Can't do that either."
3. I never want to die, I want to live forever. Jacob, "Now that I can do."

Unlike MIB, Jacob doesn't make promises he can't keep. He can't bring Richard's dead wife back to life. He can't absolve Richard of his sins. Jacob is not God. It's like Jacob is the gatekeeper that keeps true evil 'the devil incarnate' at bay. Of course MIB is going to see it differently... he's not getting his way. He wants to run rampant across the earth causing death and destruction. Some people theorized that Jacob AND the Man In Black are to be replaced... I don't think that's correct. MIB was looking for a loophole to kill Jacob... that's why Jacob set out to find a replacement.

Jacob = Good
MIB = Bad

The only way I think this could possibly be wrong is the whole mirror image thing... that what is right is wrong and vice versa. I don't see any other way around it.

When I saw Hurley speaking to no one in what sounded like Spanish or something... I didn't think much of it and kind of disregarded it as someone who had previously died on the island. When Isabella appeared to Richard I thought, "That's who Hurley was talking to!!!" Then thought no, it couldn't be, you're reaching. She died somewhere else a long time ago. Then when Richard is shouting out to MIB that he's changed his mind... I was like... hurry, Hugo, hurry... you have to save Richard from making this mistake... and I knew that I had been right in the beginning, Hurley had been talking to Isabella.

I liked the analogy of the wine bottle and the island, with the cork keeping evil contained. Then at the end when MIB breaks the bottle of wine... I was like... the cork is the island, keeping evil at bay, unless he finds another way out. He has to break the island! Is that what Jack did by blowing up the bomb?? Did Jack break the island thus enabling evil a way to escape?? I guess we'll find out.

Check out this site (Geronimo Jack's Beard) for Podcasts by Jorge Garcia (Hurley) and his girlfriend, Beth (Sidekick22).  They discuss the scripts when they receive them, then release the podcast after the episode airs.  They also have guests like Michael Emerson (Ben Linus) and this last one was with Nestor Carbonell (Richard Alpert).  Here's the link to the latest podcast... GJB #609 Ab Aeterno.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"LOST" - Episode Remarks & Flash-Sideways Theories

Mar 9 Episode: Dr. Linus

Okay, for me, this episode wasn't an in-your-face "WOW" episode... I felt a little disappointment at the end, like, "Is that it?" After going over it in my head for a bit, I realized that a lot more happened in more subtle, but just as majorly important, ways. So I watched the episode again believing I may have dismissed important information because I was too busy looking for stuff I wanted to see or have answered.

I noticed there was much about hope, faith, forgiveness:

Miles tells Ben that... right up to the second Ben shoved the knife into Jacob, Jacob was hoping he was wrong about Ben. I think that hit Ben like a ton of bricks. Ben now feels guilt and remorse, understands real importance of life. Ilana shows Ben forgiveness.

Man of science (Jack) is becoming man of faith. Shows Richard faith and possibly restores hope for him.

Hurley is constantly faithful and obedient, has become more of a leader.

Mar. 16 Episode: Recon

Okay, I don't know about you guys, but the whole Sawyer and Charlotte thing was creepin' me out! Don't know why, it just wasn't sittin' well with me. It was so cool to see Sawyer as a cop instead of a criminal, and that Miles was his partner. They have a great 'buddy' chemistry... like Mel Gibson and Danny Glover in the "Lethal Weapon" movies... great choice.

Still waiting to see if someone runs into Rose and Bernard while tramping through those jungles! Still thinkin' it's them who are the "Adam & Eve" skeletons at the caves.


I think I'm getting the flash-sideways... the idea struck me like a bolt of lightening! Sort of an, "Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH!! In all honesty I may be way off base here, but it TOTALLY makes sense to me at this point in time (as a possibility) with the information we have been given. Like little clues that can be easily overlooked or dismissed. Granted, I need to see a few more episodes that surround an individual to be sure if I'm on the right track.

Ok, so here it goes... The flash-sideways are like a mirror image of their lives. Granted, not everything fits just yet... and it's not a COMPLETE mirror image. Here are some notes I made, I started furiously making notes as the thought came to me.

No longer cursed; now the luckiest man alive.

Constantly fighting his limitations, all the "shaking his fist at God" tirades; coming to accept his limitations, his paralysis.

No longer thinking just about himself (the island and the power trip he was on being the leader); he now protects Alex, even going so far as to sacrifice his wants/power for her future.

After returning home, he became quite the drinker and prescription pill popper; now more stable and not drinking.

Was a con man, a criminal; now a cop.

Tonight I read this blog post...
...and feel this may be closer on track. It definitely piqued my curiosity!

{excerpt from post}
The flash-sideways are the manifestation of promises made by Jacob and Smokey.

My theory basically states that, if a survivor chooses team Jacob, they will be rewarded in the alt timeline with a happy ending. If they choose team Smokey, although technically they will get their heart's desire, it will be warped and twisted to ensure an unhappy ending.

Lets take a look at the individual characters and see where their allegiances lie:

Hurley - The most pro-Jacob member of the survivors, and also the happiest in his alt life - rich, sane, successful, cheerful.
He is no longer cursed, or at least he no longer feels cursed.

Locke - Pre-death, Locke was also very pro-Jacob/Island. Although he accepted Smokey as part of the Island, his heart was always in the right place. If given a choice, he'd probably have chosen Jacob over Smokey, but he was unfortunately robbed of that choice. He is still paralysed, but he has Helen, his father (who it turns out, may be a con man after all. A retired con man, perhaps?) and above all, his happiness.
He is no longer the man who says "Don't tell me what I can't do!"

Jack - Beginning to come around to Jacob's way of thinking, but was never on Smokey's side anyway. In the future he may still have been estranged from his father, but he can cope better with his shortcomings, he has a son to love and make up for the mistakes of Christian, and he may be able to fully unite and bond with his half-sister soon.
He is no longer pushing away those closest to him in order to 'fix' everthing.

Ben - May have wobbled off the path slightly, and may have often been unaware there was a path, but he has generally been on Jacob's side (besides killing him!). Will probably side with team Jacob in the end. In the alt timeline, although he technically has Alex (alive again!) she is not his daughter, and will probably never visit him after she goes on to bigger and better things. Stuck obeying a lesser man instead of leading, stuck looking after his ill father, but generally seems happy, or at least delusionally optimistic, about his lot in life. Generally a good outcome.
He is no longer killing people like it was going out of style.

Rose - Pretty much the same Rose we always knew and loved. Seems rather neutral in the overall scheme of thing. Just wants to enjoy her life with her husband, however short or long it may be, and whatever location they may currently be in.
She is just herself.

Boone - He died long before he got a choice, but from the start he seemed to embrace the Island's message of change. He seems a good candidate for team Jacob. In the alt timeline, he has managed to seperate from Shannon, and feels a kinship with Locke.
He is just a background character at this point.

Claire - Hard to tell whether her alt timeline is a positive or negative outcome. She has her baby, Ethan hasn't tried to kill her, but how will it all pan out. On Island, she was 100% team Smokey, but I think she may finally be wavering.
She is just a confused young woman.  [This one I'm not buying, but we'll see in time]

Sun & Jin - Nowhere near enough information about these two in their alt timeline, but things do not look good. Seemingy oblivious to Jacob and Smokey on the Island, they are only concerned about each other. However, they have a murky past and their moral compass seems permanently set to gray - a rather cute, lovable shade of gray, but a gray that would kill you if necessary nonetheless.
He is still finding himself involved in violence and the gangster underworld.
She is still seemingly lying about her bilingual status.

Charlie - Claims he was 'supposed to die', yet is alive. His brother seems concerned enough about him to fly out to bail him out. There's hope for him yet. On the Island, he tried to be at one with the Island's will, but cynical sarcasm and drug addiction made it hard. In the end, he may have enabled Jacob's downfall by flipping the switch, so who knows what side that counts as being for.
He is still a junkie.  [I think his story will be like Sawyer's... some change in his life, but still dealing with his demons.]

Kate - Poor Kate, seemingly wrapped up in things she has no hope of understanding. She generally wants to do well, but is oblivious to other people half of the time. She'll most likely just go with the flow and do whatever Claire, Sawyer, Jin and Sayid do, until she is forced to choose between Jack (Jacob) and Sawyer (Smokey), again. In the future, she technically hasn't killed Wayne, unsure on the status of Tom, and may have helped Claire out, but she does not seem happy in the slightest.
She is still on the run and still a killer.

Sawyer - Eternally playing every side against each other in hopes of ending up the ultimate winner, Sawyer's role on the Island has been undefined from the very start. However, at present, he will happily hand Smokey the head of everyone on the Island, except the purely innocent, if it means he can escape. While not technically pro-Smokey, he sure ain't trying to stop him either. In alt world, Sawyer may be a cop, may have an awesome sidekick partner, but he sure ain't happy, still chasing his past demons, still drinking alone and his parents are still dead.
He is still alone, angry, unhappy, but trying to change.

Sayid - Sayid is a torturer. Sayid is a killer. Sayid has tried to change, but every time he ends up back at square one with no emotional growth. He could have been a great leader, but has now resigned himself to playing the villain. I don't think he has embraced this role, but he sure has accepted it, and now he has killed viciously in cold blood, there is no turning back. In the alt world, again technically Nadia is back in his life (alive!), but he can't have her, and although he has changed, the people around him, those he loves and wants to protect, force him back into his animal side.
He is still a killer.

Mirror Mirror, On The Wall

In all the 'flash-sideways', we have seen our centric characters glance at, or study themselves, in a mirror. Jack clearly pondered a strange blood mark in 'LA X', then studied a strange scar in 'Lighthouse'. Kate was caught in a mirror in 'What Kate Does'. Locke then clearly studies himself in a mirror in 'The Substitute'. Sayid's reflection is caught in Nadia's door, half in darkness, half in light. Ben was then caught in the microwave door of 'Dr Linus'. Finally, Sawyer takes time to clearly study himself in a mirror, before smashing it in 'Recon'.

By my theory, everyone who clearly looked at themselves in a mirror is in team Jacob, and those who were caught are in team Smokey. The wildcards are Ben, who may not have fully redeemed himself yet, and Sawyer, who may be sliding further into camp darkness.


Man In Black (MIB): now am convinced that MIB appeared as many former characters over the last five seasons. I now believe he can impersonate the living as well as the dead. All in effort to confuse and manipulate people/situations.

Christian Shephard
- When he caused Jack to almost fall over the cliff as Jack was chasing him through the jungle.
- when he persuaded Claire to leave her baby in the jungle & come with him. Locke talked to him as Christian in the cabin with Claire. Locke also saw him in that underground place where he had to turn that "donkey wheel" looking thing.

Alex Rousseau
- To Ben when she threatened to kill him if he didn't do as Locke says.

Mr. Ecko's brother (Yemi?)
- To Mr. Ecko after the hatch blows up. "You must help John." "You need to help John."

- The "Dharma dude" building the cabin in Locke's "dream". Saying to "find" him... back when Locke dug through the Dharma bodies in the pit.

Charlie Pace
- When dead Charlie visited Hugo in the mental hospital, was that MIB deceiving Hugo into coming back?

Ana Lucia
- Appeared to Ecko. Appeared to Hurley after he got rescued.

Boone Carlyle
- To John during sweat lodge trance after hatch blew up.

Walt (?)
- Appeared to Shannon, thus leading to her death.

Ilana said at the cabin: Jacob hasn't been there for quite awhile, someone else has been using it. MIB posing as Christian to confuse Locke and Claire?

I believe MIB/Locke cannot kill Jacob, Ilana or the "candidates"... he has to manipulate and deceive others to do it. That's why chasing ghost Christian almost cost Jack his life. Appeared as Walt to Shannon, leading to her death... because as we now know, Shannon was also a candidate (#32). MIB was setting up Ben to kill Ilana with the escape and gun, impressing upon Ben "not to hesitate, she won't". Curious as to whether Charlie Pace or Boone were candidates also.

Unknown blonde boy/Jacob said to MIB when he was "recruiting" Sawyer, "You can't kill him."

Mr. Ecko was not a candidate, that's why the smoke monster could kill him.

Smoke monster retreats when John approaches?? Three different times when confronting/killing Mr. Echo.

Ilana said that the MIB/Smoke Monster/Locke whatever... Stuck this way, can't change it's appearance anymore. Why now?? Because people saw and know that it was not Locke... they had possession of Locke's body? Or because now Jacob is dead?? Kind of a ying/yang thing?


What about Aaron? Claire was supposed to raise him. MUST NOT be raised by anyone else! What about Walt? His special gift? Early on in the show Walt & Aaron both seemed to be very important??

During Ben's spinal surgery, that Other dude (Danny) said Shephard wasn't even on Jacob's list. Was that because although he was a candidate, he didn't make the final cut? Or because that list really wasn't Jacob's list... it was Ben's?

Karl being mentally tortured. 'God loves you as He loved Jacob' on one of the flashing screens.

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Shrek: Forever After Trailer

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"LOST" - More Thoughts & Questions, also A Must Read Recap Link

Mar 2 Episode: "Sundown"

The eeriest episode yet... downright freaky.... you could feel the pull of evil. It was like "Star Wars" and we were watching Sayid cross over to the dark side. I was pulling for him to overcome temptation, to fight the darkness... and was extremely crushed when he ultimately made his choice.

And how freaky is Claire? Gave me the willies!

On another note... now we KNOW Rousseau wasn't crazy when she killed the other members of her team because they were "sick/infected".

I was left wondering, "Where's Jin? And has he been recruited?" I also didn't see Sawyer at the group gathering?

What about poor Kate... she doesn't have a clue to what's happening. She's just following along. Judging by the look on her face at the end, she suspects that something 'just ain't right'.

According to some "LOST" blogs, I see that some viewers are questioning which side is actually the evil side. That Jacob is holding or forcing these people to stay on the island and that the MIB is just fighting for his freedom. As far as I can see, there is no question. MIB/Locke/Smoke Monster is using deceit to further his agenda. Jacob tries to lead individuals, but they still have free will.

Everything seems to point to Jack being Jacob's successor... but I think he just may be a means to the end. I'm beginning to suspect the thoughtful, caring, and OBEDIENT Hurley is actually the intended successor. Wondering if his feelings for Kate are gonna be a problem, anticipating a scenario where he feels he needs to rescue her from the MIB/Locke group.

Needless to say... there is so much that can still change at any moment. And I just can't figure out these flash-sideways and how it'll play into all this. I just keep coming back to... this would be their lives if the island never existed. That just seems so lame and way too easy. Keeps us on our toes!

Oh... and I saw something about Jack's kid David... who is his mother? His blue eyes struck some as odd. Go here for complete two episode analysis:

Now, I can take no credit for this (Fishbiscuitland, however, can), but I think the mystery of David's parentage can be put to rest. Compare these two pictures, and the blueness of David's eyes, and Juliet certainly gets my vote. The first is Juliet's house in Season 3, the second is David's mother's house (Juliet?) in Season 6. Take note of the hats and the mirror.

I thought it was an interesting take on things.

~ ~ ~ ATTENTION ~ ~ ~ ATTENTION ~ ~ ~

If you're a "LOST" fan... then you have to see this recap by Fishbiscuitland:

It brings so much to light that I would have never even contemplated or thought to contemplate!

- Stuff about mirrors and mirror images, scenes that mirror other scenes, David (Jack's son) and the Song of David, the 23rd Psalm, and the Shephard number of 23, David's piano piece in reflection to Daniel Faraday playing as a child, the Stargate symbol on the wall of the temple.... A must read!

Anyways... I'm counting down the hours... "LOST" is almost on!

To correct an error:  On a previous blog entry I stated Kate Austen as #31, it's actually #51.  Many of the numbers are really hard to make out.  Other names/numbers on lighthouse dial:

#20 - Rousseau - which is crossed out
#32 - Rutherford (Shannon) - which is crossed out
#51 - Austen (Kate)
#117 - Linus (Ben) - which is already crossed out... Ben's gonna die!

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Wedding Ceremony - My Waffley Wedded Wife

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's #4... Hey #4!

I saw this and burst out laughing... I'm thinkin' not everyone is gonna get it... but if you saw the movie "Multiplicity" with Michael Keaton and Andie MacDowell, then you'll get it!

Movie Poster

Monday, March 1, 2010

"LOST" - My Notes, Questions, Thoughts

Oceanic Flight 815 - Australia to Los Angeles
Ajira Airlines Flight 316
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
108 Minutes
Dharma Initiative
Smoke Monster, MIB, Jacob
The Black Rock (Slave Ship)
The Four-Toed Statue (Taweret or Sobek) What lies in the shadow of the statue?

  • "Ille qui nos omnes servabit", which is Latin for "He who will save us all".
  • "He/that which shall protect/save us all."

4 - John Locke
8 - Hugo (Hurley) Reyes
15 - James (Sawyer) Ford
16 - Sayid Jarrah (name on dial was darker than others)
23 - Jack Shephard (name on dial was darker than others)
42 - Kwon, Jin or Sun... or both?

108 - ?? (Jacob to Hurley: Someone is coming to the island, and I need you to help them find it.)

Also on lighthouse dial thingy:
Linus (117), Rousseau (20), Austen (31)

Jacob to Hurley: Someone is coming to the island, and I need you to help them find it. Must take Jack, "He has what it takes." Then at the lighthouse, Hurley was setting the dial to 108. Since each name has a corresponding number... then the new person must be 108. ** The names and corresponding numbers on the cave match the numbers punched into the computer, Hurley's numbers... I think it's not a coincidence that the new person coming is 108... Punch numbers in computer every 108 minutes??

Also, why did Jacob want Jack and Hugo away from the temple when the something bad shows up? Why only Jack & Hugo? He originally sent them all there to be safe?

Also... if I'm remembering correctly... the only people Jacob went to see as children were Sawyer and Kate. Locke, Shepherd, and Kwon were adults... as were Hurley and Sayid, although for them it was after they left the island, not before crashing on it. Not sure if this means something.

On another note... what happened to island Rose & Bernard? Did they time jump back from the 70's?? Or were they not close enough to the bomb that they got left behind. What made me think of it? I thought it was peculiar that Hugo and Jack were at the caves and brought up the cave's "Adam & Eve". Maybe Rose & Bernard got left behind in the 70's and those decayed bodies are them.

Also, along those lines... Smooth rocks on cave "Adam & Eve", one white and one black. Good & Evil? Also brought to mind the backgammon game Locke was always playing... uses light and dark stones to represent the two sides?

Man In Black (MIB): now am convinced that MIB appeared as Christian, Alex, Mr. Ecko's brother, and Dharma dude building Jacob's cabin. All in effort to confuse and manipulate people/situations.
  • As Christian when he persuaded Claire to leave her baby in the jungle & come with him. Locke talked to him as Christian in the cabin with Claire. Locke also saw him in that underground place where he had to turn that "donkey wheel" looking thing.
  • Appeared as Alex to Ben when she threatened to kill him if he didn't do as Locke says.
  • As the "Dharma dude" building the cabin in Locke's "dream". Saying to "find" him... back when Locke dug through the Dharma bodies in the pit.

Ilana said at the cabin: Jacob hasn't been there for quite awhile, someone else has been using it. MIB posing as Christian to confuse Locke and Claire?

Ilana also said that the MIB/Smoke Monster/Locke whatever... Stuck this way, can't change it's appearance anymore. Why now?? Because people saw and know that it was not Locke... they had possession of Locke's body? Or because now Jacob is dead?? Kind of a ying/yang thing?

Locke/MIB says to Richard: "Good to see ya out of those chains." Richard may have been one of the slaves on the Black Rock. It was a slave ship.

At first, I took the flash-sideways to be "if the plane had never crashed" alternate timeline theory. What would their lives have been like? But there were too many DRASTIC changes for me to continue down that line of thinking. It's more of an "if the island never existed or was destroyed before/during the 70's". Ethan would have grown up off the island, that's why he was a doctor at the hospital Claire went to. Ben wouldn't have been shot and joined the Others, leaving the island as a child, which is why he's now teaching European history. Desmond wouldn't have crashed on the island and finished the race, which is why he is now able to be on that flight when he wasn't previously. Jack's father's casket didn't even make it on the plane... when we know it originally had.

Another thing stuck out to me???? Rose was seated near Jack... her husband had gone to the bathroom... why then, was he found strapped in the plane seat in the trees?

So... although it seems like an alternate timeline... According to the official ABC Lost website:

"Flash-Sideways ARE NOT Flash-Forwards, Flashbacks, or an Alternate Timeline! It posits what would have happened if Oceanic flight 815 didn't crash on the island but instead landed in LA."

But obviously it is in a fashion where much more than that has happened. What are the differing circumstances? Has to be something with the bomb going off and changing history. Maybe not an Alternate Timeline... but how about an Alternate Universe... Reality... Dimension??? *LOL*

Along the "changed history" thought process... I came across this and it was too funny, but also logically correct.

"Doing research on the underwater thing, my friend pointed out that an island is an underwater mountain, so how does an island sink? But then, there is nothing normal about this "island" anyway, right? I mean, having a freezing cold donkey-wheel time machine isn't exactly normal."

*LMAO* Ok, we know it wasn't a time machine, per se, it was a way off the island that landed you in the desert. So I guess it was more of a freezing cold donkey-wheel teleportation device!

Let's talk about the "Four-Toed Statue". Is it Taweret or Sobek?

This made sense to me: "Since Taweret is a fertility god, it would make sense that maybe the island and the fertility curse happened when the statue was destroyed."