Saturday, April 10, 2010

"LOST" - Happily Ever After & My Ramblings

Apr. 6 Episode: Happily Ever After

OH MY... OH MY GOSH!!! My mind is racing over so much information.
Someone's blog had mentioned that the island time and the flash-sideways were bleeding more and more into each other every episode. I wasn't really buying it... until last week when Sun looked into the mirror. I mentioned it in my last "LOST" post, her look was just... odd.

Well now I'm a believer. And I'm also wow'd by the fact that I had just re-watched s3e8: Flashes Before Your Eyes and how the interaction of Desmond with Charles Widmore and Eloise Hawking jumped out at me in a way they didn't the first time.
I was not surprised when Desmond walked into Charles Widmore's office as his right-hand man... kind of got the feeling when he was in the limo. Exactly what I would expect from "LOST".

The MacCutcheon scotch keeps showing up... when Desmond meets with Widmore in his office in the flash-sideways.

In Season 3, Episode 8: Flashes Before Your Eyes...


...on the island when Hurley and Charlie got Desmond drunk to find out his secret.

Also in his flashback when Widmore told Desmond, "Because you, Hume, will never be a great man."

Also at the bar after breaking up with Penny.


Oh, and check out the art piece on the wall in Widmore's office... it's like a child's rendition of the Dharma barracks... a cabin, the fence, the jungle surrounding, the monster behind the fence, namaste written backwards across the top almost like we're see the backside of the painting, and a man hanging down from the top.

Oh, huh... upon closer inspection it's a polar bear, not a monster... and the upside down man is an upside down statue, I believe.

 There's other paintings of similar style... would like to see a close-up of those.


Also noticed how Desmond seems to move between the chairs and the artwork moves from one wall to another.  At first Desmond is in the chair on the right and the bar is on the wall to his right.  Then he looks to his right and the paintings that were to his left are now on the wall to his right, you also see he is now sitting in the left chair.  Notice the picture behind his head is really dark... look at the next pic and now it's an entirely different picture and the bar is now beside him on his right.  Does this mean something or is this just bad staging that no one picked up on in editing.

On a side note - Why didn't it ring any bells with Charlie when he was on the island and they found the hatch... if this weird conversation with Desmond about hatches, a computer and a button on an island had happened (after the meeting with Widmore), you'd think he'd have a nagging déjà vu kind of thing that would have evoked that memory.

The event hardly seems forgetful.

I wonder, did Desmond and Penny name their son Charlie after Charlie Pace or Penny's father, Charles? I choose to believe it was after Desmond's friend, Charlie Pace, who, in a sense, brought them back together.

Back to this episode... when Desmond and Charlie crashed into the water and Charlie put his hand up...

...and Desmond had the 'memory of Charlie with "NOT PENNY'S BOAT" on his hand.

Whoa! It's all coming to a head... the original timeline and this flash-sideways 'timeline' ARE bleeding into each other! Then when he started having flashes of Penny and his son... I got goose bumps and teared up a little. For me, Desmond and Penny's love seemed so strong... I knew she'd find him someday, and when she finally did in s04e13 - There's No Place Like Home (P2)... oh my, that was one of my favorite scenes. When he realized it was her... and then she realized she had finally found him. The "is this really real" moment. To the reunion kiss.

Right up there with the s04e05 - The Constant... when Desmond was on the boat and made the call to Penny.

Now check out Widmore's office in the flash-sideways...


Basically the same picture... one framed in white, the other in black.  Mmmm-hmm!

So... Eloise Hawking is now Mrs. Widmore... and Daniel Faraday is now Daniel Widmore... and Penny Widmore is now Penny Milton. Eloise tells Desmond, "Someone has clearly affected the way you see things. This is a serious problem. It is, in fact, a violation." A violation?? Of what?

Something bothers me about this conversation... Something about Eloise has been constant throughout the entire show... no matter what timeline (past, present, or future?) with the exception of the beginning when she was on the island as a young woman (in 1954 when she was Ellie)... she seems to be the only person that knows or seems to have a complete knowledge of what IS going on/what IS to happen. That brings me to Daniel's journal? Does she have it and has had it since she shot him in 1977?

She knew the path leading Desmond to the island, she knew that Daniel was meant to be or needed to be a scientist instead of a musician, that all the women in his life would be terribly hurt, she sent him to the island knowing that she will eventually shoot and kill him, she gave him that journal at his graduation with the message inside, "No matter what, remember, I will always love you. Mother". In s05e14 - The Variable, when Eloise met Penny in the hospital after Desmond was shot, Eloise told her, "For the first time, in a long time, I don't know what's going to happen next."

In the original timeline, Eloise is helping to get the Oceanic 6, plus Ben, plus, Desmond, plus John Locke's body back to the island.  In this flash-sideways she's trying to stop Desmond from seeking out the what?... the truth?... reality?... it's as if she wants this timeline to become the reality.  Then again, in this reality, her son is alive and healthy and she is married to Widmore.  She seems to have a lot of wealth and power.  She obviously doesn't want to give up all that she's gained.

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Desmond went with Sayid? And in the flash-sideways, he's going to start 'waking up' everyone on his flight... "I just need to show them something." I take that as how Charlie had to show HIM something!  Things are gonna get interesting!