Friday, April 16, 2010

"LOST" - Everybody Loves Hugo

Apr. 13 Episode: Everybody Loves Hugo

At Libby's gravesite, Hurley is wearing a brown t-shirt... swoosh to the flash-sideways, he's still wearing brown, but now it's a casual dress shirt. Just thought it was interesting...

Back to the island and in the middle of a disagreement with Ilana... BOOM!.. she blows up. Poor Hurley... second time he's been traumatized by someone blowing up while they're off on a tangent. And what the heck do you think is in that bag he picked up out of Ilana's stuff?

The last time we say this bag, Ilana was putting Jacob's ashes into it.

Then we saw Miles getting Jacob's story like he was reading a bag of tea leaves.

Is that what Hurley saw when he opened it, Jacob's ashes... or was there other stuff too?  Why the heck would Hugo keep a bag of dust?  He didn't know it was Jacob's ashes... he was at the Temple.  So, again, what's the deal with Ilana's bag?

Then there's Desmond! This calm, collected Desmond is a little unsettling, albeit in an interesting 'I wanna know what he knows' way. In previous episodes, Desmond always reminded me of one of those small yappy dogs that shake all the time. Always chaotic and "I don't know what's going on, I'm just trying to get through it and survive'. Now it's like he's driven with some sort of specific purpose and I want to know what he's thinking! What's his game plan? He went with Sayid... and now John, way too easily.

When Hurley blew up the "Black Rock"... whoa, dude! Miles: "Warning might have been nice there, Hugo." Hurley's response... "I did say run." LMAO!! Note: Hugo says, "Dead people are more reliable than live people." Tell that to John Locke! The dead people that were talking to him were manipulating liars.

The appearance of the "wild-child"... this time a dark-haired boy carrying a staff... wearing the same outfit the blonde boy was wearing. The way he smiled at Desmond...? Like he was pleased... about what? That Desmond was here and things were going according to plan, or maybe just pleased that John was so irritated with his presence? John was none to pleased to see this kid, it really seemed to irk him; unlike the blond boy, whom didn't smile, but turned and ran with John right behind him.

Random thinking... 2 boys, one blond, one dark. ???
Jacob - MIB
Jack - Sawyer
Aaron - Charlie Hume

My mind keeps wanting to go back to Aaron and what his significance was. Early on it was stressed that it was important that only Claire raise him...

Claire's First Visit W/Psychic (video)

Claire's Second Visit W/Psychic (video)

Claire's Third Visit W/Psychic (video)

Lost - s01e10 - Raised By Another:  In her "dream" John said, "he (the baby) was your responsibility, but you gave him away, Claire. Everyone pays the price now." He looked up and one eye was a black stone, the other a white stone.

Claire's Dream (video)

What's up with that??  What happened to all that?  What about Aaron and his role in all this?

I've been reading and listening to other people's (blogs/podcasts) and some seem to question what Alpert asked Hugo to ask Jacob about the island. What is the island? They're like... oooo, what does that mean? Uh, the island is the cork! Remember the metaphor Jacob gave Richard in Ab Aeterno.  Richard was testing Hurley... he didn't believe Jacob was there talking to Hurley... so, prove it, Hurley; what did Jacob say the island is?

I gasped when MIB/NotLocke pushed Desmond down the well... I wasn't surprised that he'd do something like that, just didn't expect it.

Notice that Desmond said he had a son, Charlie. Charlie doesn't exist in this time 'whatever'. Then when Desmond ran John Locke down... hoo-wee! Did not expect that. Thought he wanted to talk with Locke. My mind is spinning over this one.