Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pasta & Italian Sausage w/ Spinach, Onion, Garlic Sauce

I made this tonight for dinner.  I was expecting to use whole wheat pasta, but when I opened the cupboard, I noticed I had some leftover tri-color pasta (plain/tomato/spinach) that was taking up space and decided to rid myself of it instead.

It's pasta and Italian sausage with a sauce/not sauce of EVOO, spinach, garlic & onion.  **I say sauce/not sauce because it's not something you want to ladle on... just enough to toss and coat the pasta.**

I cooked some Italian sausage earlier, and had it resting. I also had the pasta boiling. 

Then I put some olive oil down in a small saute pan (this time I used Red Pepper flavored EVOO), added diced onions, frozen chopped spinach, fresh chopped garlic, and a couple of shakes of rosemary, basil, crushed red pepper flakes, garlic salt and pepper.  When it was ready, I took half the saute mixture and put it in my Magic Bullet with a splash or two of fresh olive oil and puréed it.  Added that back into the pan.  I wanted to maintain some chunkiness to the sauce with the the onions and spinach.

I sliced one of the sausages in half lengthwise and cut it up into bite-sized pieces.  Put that back into the pan I had cooked it in, added a few spoons of the sauce, then threw in a couple spoons of pasta.  Mixed thoroughly, plated, and added a couple shakes of shredded parmesan cheese.  Waa-laa!  Dinner is served.


...and you know the leftovers are going to be just as good!