Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Missy & The New(t)est Gift

Missy sleeping in her chair.  She is spoiled.

The other day I was working on my computer.  Then, after a quick trip to the bathroom, I come back to both of my cats crouched down below my chair.  Instantly piquing my curiosity... you can tell when your furry friends have got something.  I turned on the overhead light for better inspection.  This is what I found...

I grabbed a papertowel, picked it up, went out the back door, and trotted off to the wooded area out back where I let it go.

When I went back to my computer I discovered something else...

Oh, good Lord!

It's missing tail... and it was moving!  It was twitching and curling.  Pretty freaky!  Especially when I was trying to pick it up.

Come to think of it... I just took the garbage out because something was stinking up the kitchen.  I couldn't remember putting anything in it that would make such an awful smell... until just now!

Later in the evening I was doing laundry.  I was trying to fold this comforter to put away and Missy was trying to crawl on it as I was trying to fold it.  So I laid it down where she promptly settled for a snooze.


Rukaria said...

Oh my-! I love your cats!
I'd like to got one, but my parents don't like the idea x/

Best wishes!