Saturday, April 3, 2010

"LOST" - The Package

Mar. 30 Episode: The Package

Behind the "magical mystery" door on the sub was Desmond... whew! Good to see #108 wasn't Charles Widmore!

So, in the Alternate Timeline, Jin and Sun are not married... but, by the end of the show we find out she is pregnant. Very interesting.

When MIB/NotLocke approached Sun at the garden and reached out his hand to her, instead of accepting it and letting MIB/NotLocke take her to Jin, Sun ran. **Lesson learned: This is why we watch where we are running!** So, Sun is either:
  1. a candidate and that's why MIB/NotLocke couldn't hurt or take her, he needed her to come willingly.
  2. he just didn't want to scare her because he needs her to keep Jin in his camp.

Why didn't MIB/NotLocke pick her up and take her to Jin?
  1. She's a candidate?
  2. He can't touch her?

I'm wondering, and I'll have to go back to previous episodes to investigate, has MIB/NotLocke touched any of the candidates? He held his hand out to Kate... we didn't get to see if she took it. IS that why he told Claire that Kate is not a candidate, that her name had been crossed out? Because Kate did take his hand, thus joining his team? Like when vampires can't come in unless invited... if you take MIB/NotLocke's outstretched hand, you're considered recruited.

And what was Sun looking at in the mirror of her hotel room? It was just odd. Like she was noticing something different.

Jin seems very important to MIB/NotLocke. Is it because he is a candidate or he just needs Jin to get Sun? He says he doesn't know which one is the candidate, but I think he's lying.

I believe they are both candidates. When Jacob went to see them at their wedding, it looked like he may have touched them both... although you don't actually see his hand touching Sun, but her hair bounces as if something moved her arm. But he made mention of their love, "It is a very special thing. Never take it for granted.". I feel almost certain they are both candidates... together. One hinges on the other. Maybe the Beatles were right... All We really do Need Is Love!

When Jack reached out his hand to Sun... I felt right then... Jack must be the one! Sun accepted his hand, thus considered recruited into Jacob's camp.

I really hate seeing Locke as the bad guy... I know it's not technically Locke, but still!

I do feel better about Ben's change/redemption... he told on MIB *snicker* to Ilana and Jack, about where to find him... on Hydra Island.