Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cat Doors Galore

My dad, bless his heart, got two pieces of plexiglass and glued them together to put a cat door in so they could have an exit out my bedroom window.  I didn't want to use a piece of wood and block my whole window.

He also cut a hole in my bedroom door for me so I could put one in so I didn't have to play doorman for my cats... now I can sleep with my door closed.

And check this out... finally tolerating each other. The gray one is my mom's cat, Apollo (we tend to call him Pillow most the time); the black & white is my Simon.


Anonymous said...

That is good news the Kitty truce.
I know about kitty disagreements.

Joshkie said...

I hope you have better luck than my grand parents as they tried this with their cats when I was in a kid all they got was a half eat chipmunk and mouse parts under the living room furniture. I guess they thought they could bring their outside meals in side.
lol :-)

My thoughts and best wish are with you.

vaidyadilemma said...

I am a Hindu by birth who respects all religious belief. I believe in re-birth. According to my belief, all pets who are very close to humans, will be born as humans in their next birth. Thats graduation from aminmal to a human!

Crystal said...

Stumbled into yur blog, Love cats, had one named Lissi. Unfortunatey she died - got tangled in the electrical transformer.

Quite adorable, she had to be tucked in bed everyday, and she will wait till I wake up in the morning to feed her - never says "miaow" says "maaa" Miss her very much, photos reminded me of her too, ver painful!

My Soap Box said...

Very cool Kitty doors! God bless and hope you're doing alright