Monday, May 10, 2010

"LOST" Fans - Useless Trivia

I was watching a rerun of "Grey's Anatomy" tonight, s04e05 - Haunt You Every Day, the Halloween episode where the dude takes a chainsaw to his own foot and Meredith took her mom's ashes to the hospital in a baggy... when I saw the kid that needed new ears.  As soon as I saw him I thought... that's David, Jack Shephard's kid!

His name is Dylan Minnette and he's been in alot... or so I found out when I checked on IMDB to verify.

On another note... on a different "Grey's Anatomy" episode, s02e24 - Damage Case, John Cho from "FlashForward" plays an intern from another hospital that fell asleep at the wheel thus causing an accident that killed someone.

Speaking of "FlashForward"... I noticed that Jack Davenport who plays Lloyd Simcoe is the same guy who played Norrington in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy... and when I rewatched "The Wedding Date" I noticed he was the groom, Ed, marrying Kat's sister.