Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"LOST" - More Thoughts & Questions, also A Must Read Recap Link

Mar 2 Episode: "Sundown"

The eeriest episode yet... downright freaky.... you could feel the pull of evil. It was like "Star Wars" and we were watching Sayid cross over to the dark side. I was pulling for him to overcome temptation, to fight the darkness... and was extremely crushed when he ultimately made his choice.

And how freaky is Claire? Gave me the willies!

On another note... now we KNOW Rousseau wasn't crazy when she killed the other members of her team because they were "sick/infected".

I was left wondering, "Where's Jin? And has he been recruited?" I also didn't see Sawyer at the group gathering?

What about poor Kate... she doesn't have a clue to what's happening. She's just following along. Judging by the look on her face at the end, she suspects that something 'just ain't right'.

According to some "LOST" blogs, I see that some viewers are questioning which side is actually the evil side. That Jacob is holding or forcing these people to stay on the island and that the MIB is just fighting for his freedom. As far as I can see, there is no question. MIB/Locke/Smoke Monster is using deceit to further his agenda. Jacob tries to lead individuals, but they still have free will.

Everything seems to point to Jack being Jacob's successor... but I think he just may be a means to the end. I'm beginning to suspect the thoughtful, caring, and OBEDIENT Hurley is actually the intended successor. Wondering if his feelings for Kate are gonna be a problem, anticipating a scenario where he feels he needs to rescue her from the MIB/Locke group.

Needless to say... there is so much that can still change at any moment. And I just can't figure out these flash-sideways and how it'll play into all this. I just keep coming back to... this would be their lives if the island never existed. That just seems so lame and way too easy. Keeps us on our toes!

Oh... and I saw something about Jack's kid David... who is his mother? His blue eyes struck some as odd. Go here for complete two episode analysis: http://superduperstream.blogspot.com/2010/02/s6e5.html

Now, I can take no credit for this (Fishbiscuitland, however, can), but I think the mystery of David's parentage can be put to rest. Compare these two pictures, and the blueness of David's eyes, and Juliet certainly gets my vote. The first is Juliet's house in Season 3, the second is David's mother's house (Juliet?) in Season 6. Take note of the hats and the mirror.

I thought it was an interesting take on things.

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If you're a "LOST" fan... then you have to see this recap by Fishbiscuitland:

It brings so much to light that I would have never even contemplated or thought to contemplate!

- Stuff about mirrors and mirror images, scenes that mirror other scenes, David (Jack's son) and the Song of David, the 23rd Psalm, and the Shephard number of 23, David's piano piece in reflection to Daniel Faraday playing as a child, the Stargate symbol on the wall of the temple.... A must read!

Anyways... I'm counting down the hours... "LOST" is almost on!

To correct an error:  On a previous blog entry I stated Kate Austen as #31, it's actually #51.  Many of the numbers are really hard to make out.  Other names/numbers on lighthouse dial:

#20 - Rousseau - which is crossed out
#32 - Rutherford (Shannon) - which is crossed out
#51 - Austen (Kate)
#117 - Linus (Ben) - which is already crossed out... Ben's gonna die!