Monday, March 1, 2010

"LOST" - My Notes, Questions, Thoughts

Oceanic Flight 815 - Australia to Los Angeles
Ajira Airlines Flight 316
4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42
108 Minutes
Dharma Initiative
Smoke Monster, MIB, Jacob
The Black Rock (Slave Ship)
The Four-Toed Statue (Taweret or Sobek) What lies in the shadow of the statue?

  • "Ille qui nos omnes servabit", which is Latin for "He who will save us all".
  • "He/that which shall protect/save us all."

4 - John Locke
8 - Hugo (Hurley) Reyes
15 - James (Sawyer) Ford
16 - Sayid Jarrah (name on dial was darker than others)
23 - Jack Shephard (name on dial was darker than others)
42 - Kwon, Jin or Sun... or both?

108 - ?? (Jacob to Hurley: Someone is coming to the island, and I need you to help them find it.)

Also on lighthouse dial thingy:
Linus (117), Rousseau (20), Austen (31)

Jacob to Hurley: Someone is coming to the island, and I need you to help them find it. Must take Jack, "He has what it takes." Then at the lighthouse, Hurley was setting the dial to 108. Since each name has a corresponding number... then the new person must be 108. ** The names and corresponding numbers on the cave match the numbers punched into the computer, Hurley's numbers... I think it's not a coincidence that the new person coming is 108... Punch numbers in computer every 108 minutes??

Also, why did Jacob want Jack and Hugo away from the temple when the something bad shows up? Why only Jack & Hugo? He originally sent them all there to be safe?

Also... if I'm remembering correctly... the only people Jacob went to see as children were Sawyer and Kate. Locke, Shepherd, and Kwon were adults... as were Hurley and Sayid, although for them it was after they left the island, not before crashing on it. Not sure if this means something.

On another note... what happened to island Rose & Bernard? Did they time jump back from the 70's?? Or were they not close enough to the bomb that they got left behind. What made me think of it? I thought it was peculiar that Hugo and Jack were at the caves and brought up the cave's "Adam & Eve". Maybe Rose & Bernard got left behind in the 70's and those decayed bodies are them.

Also, along those lines... Smooth rocks on cave "Adam & Eve", one white and one black. Good & Evil? Also brought to mind the backgammon game Locke was always playing... uses light and dark stones to represent the two sides?

Man In Black (MIB): now am convinced that MIB appeared as Christian, Alex, Mr. Ecko's brother, and Dharma dude building Jacob's cabin. All in effort to confuse and manipulate people/situations.
  • As Christian when he persuaded Claire to leave her baby in the jungle & come with him. Locke talked to him as Christian in the cabin with Claire. Locke also saw him in that underground place where he had to turn that "donkey wheel" looking thing.
  • Appeared as Alex to Ben when she threatened to kill him if he didn't do as Locke says.
  • As the "Dharma dude" building the cabin in Locke's "dream". Saying to "find" him... back when Locke dug through the Dharma bodies in the pit.

Ilana said at the cabin: Jacob hasn't been there for quite awhile, someone else has been using it. MIB posing as Christian to confuse Locke and Claire?

Ilana also said that the MIB/Smoke Monster/Locke whatever... Stuck this way, can't change it's appearance anymore. Why now?? Because people saw and know that it was not Locke... they had possession of Locke's body? Or because now Jacob is dead?? Kind of a ying/yang thing?

Locke/MIB says to Richard: "Good to see ya out of those chains." Richard may have been one of the slaves on the Black Rock. It was a slave ship.

At first, I took the flash-sideways to be "if the plane had never crashed" alternate timeline theory. What would their lives have been like? But there were too many DRASTIC changes for me to continue down that line of thinking. It's more of an "if the island never existed or was destroyed before/during the 70's". Ethan would have grown up off the island, that's why he was a doctor at the hospital Claire went to. Ben wouldn't have been shot and joined the Others, leaving the island as a child, which is why he's now teaching European history. Desmond wouldn't have crashed on the island and finished the race, which is why he is now able to be on that flight when he wasn't previously. Jack's father's casket didn't even make it on the plane... when we know it originally had.

Another thing stuck out to me???? Rose was seated near Jack... her husband had gone to the bathroom... why then, was he found strapped in the plane seat in the trees?

So... although it seems like an alternate timeline... According to the official ABC Lost website:

"Flash-Sideways ARE NOT Flash-Forwards, Flashbacks, or an Alternate Timeline! It posits what would have happened if Oceanic flight 815 didn't crash on the island but instead landed in LA."

But obviously it is in a fashion where much more than that has happened. What are the differing circumstances? Has to be something with the bomb going off and changing history. Maybe not an Alternate Timeline... but how about an Alternate Universe... Reality... Dimension??? *LOL*

Along the "changed history" thought process... I came across this and it was too funny, but also logically correct.

"Doing research on the underwater thing, my friend pointed out that an island is an underwater mountain, so how does an island sink? But then, there is nothing normal about this "island" anyway, right? I mean, having a freezing cold donkey-wheel time machine isn't exactly normal."

*LMAO* Ok, we know it wasn't a time machine, per se, it was a way off the island that landed you in the desert. So I guess it was more of a freezing cold donkey-wheel teleportation device!

Let's talk about the "Four-Toed Statue". Is it Taweret or Sobek?

This made sense to me: "Since Taweret is a fertility god, it would make sense that maybe the island and the fertility curse happened when the statue was destroyed."