Thursday, July 17, 2008

Whatever Happened To Professionalism.

Tuesday evening I called the lawn guy and left yet another message... Basically saying, "You pretty much know why I'm calling. I'm very upset and extremely irritated. I just got home from work and my lawn is still not done. You were supposed to be here last week. You told me Sunday evening that you would be here Monday afternoon or Tuesday latest. At this point, if you don't show up tomorrow, don't bother coming back. I would like to have my lawn done tomorrow when I get home, please."

Well, I got home Wednesday... lawn still not done! (Tomorrow will be three weeks since it was done... at this point I'm embarrassed to pull into my own driveway!) So I called the guy that stopped in Sunday to see if I needed someone; I should have just had him do it then. He said he was on his way home and would come by shortly. He lives down the street from me. So he came around 7 PM and took care of it. I paid him extra because of the mess he had to clean up and for coming right away. Hopefully this guy works out. Oh, and he's a roofer... doing the lawn thing on the side. Which just may come in handy as I may need some roof work done.


artisticace'smom said...

I'm glad it's finally done. You are a patient person, I'd have found someone new last week.
I think 'standing by your word' and getting the job done is a rare trait these days.

Michelle said...

I wasn't expecting them until Thursday or Friday, so at first I was just trying to be understanding. I was thinking, "Maybe something happened to set them behind schedule... they'll probably show up Saturday to catch up." When they didn't, I figured surely they would be here on Monday. Wrong again!

So, if you're in or near the Raleigh/Durham area... beware of Southern Green Lawn Care Service.

artisticace'smom said...

Nathan, Lacee's friend and your new neighbor said he'd do it for $30. If you want to give him a try, call Lacee for his phone number.