Saturday, December 12, 2009

Slight Cancer Scare

Had a slight scare the other day. Monday night I noticed a pretty good sized swollen patch on my neck where it meets my shoulder area. Too close to the lymph nodes for my liking... mom was a little concerned also.

I called my cancer doctor and got in to see him Thursday afternoon... well, actually his P.A.. She wasn't to sure about it and called him in to check it out. He wasn't real impressed... he said I'd have to do better than that... *lol* He said he couldn't see my lymphoma jumping to that extent so quickly. It's been on my right arm for 10 years now and hasn't traveled anywhere else.) But he wanted to have an ultrasound done to be on the safe side.

So they sent me over immediately to get that done... the girl doing it finished up and said she wanted her supervisor to look at the pictures before I left. I figured that meant one of two things... she wasn't seeing anything and thought she was doing something wrong, or saw something severe. Thank God it was more the first. She could see the huge lump but the ultrasound was not making out any mass. So it's not a mass! Very good thing.

The P.A. called me later to let me know that whatever this is... it doesn't seem to be cancerous. She said if it doesn't go away or gets worse, it wouldn't hurt to see my family doctor, they would have a better idea of what else might be causing this.

So I wait...

I did crash around 5:30... it was like being in a semi-coma... I kept trying to come out of it every so often but just couldn't do it. I was pretty much out until about 8:30. Then, of course, I was up most of the night. *sigh*