Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Another Tiring Day and More Job News

Another tiring day... or evening.  My sister is selling her house and is in the process of moving.  Still too hot to be doing all this moving and cleaning.  Sweating buckets... constantly wet and uncomfortable.  Such is life.  Hopefully we'll get finished up tomorrow.

Still have another load or two... DO NOT know where she's gonna put it!  New house is crammed full.  It's gonna take her six months to go through and unpack and organize everything.

Before I left to go help my sister, I received a call from the job I'm hoping to get.  Wanted to know if I was still interested... they hadn't received my application packet yet.  This freakin' town sucks when it comes to mail and shipping.  I dropped my packet in a FedEx box on Friday and they still hadn't received it... I'm pretty sure the label they sent me was an overnight label.  I let her know I had sent it out and I appreciated her calling.  She said if it doesn't come in tomorrow then she'll send me the application through email.  She did want to set me up for an interview though... so I have one on Thursday morning at 10 am.

I could kick myself... I usually make copies of everything.  I wanted to make a copy of my application and the FedEx tracking number, but I was in such a hurry to get it out ASAP that I didn't.  I could of just scanned it in and emailed it to her today.  The one time I don't do something turns out to be the one time I needed it!!  Isn't that just the way.

I'm very glad that they are interested enough in me that she called... she could have just tossed my resume aside thinking, "She must not be interested."  That gives me alot of hope that I may get this job!!!

Thank you Lord for watching out for me.