Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Job Update - One Week Yesterday

It was a week ago yesterday since I started my new job. So far it's just been mostly training... got to go solo today. As for going solo, one good thing right now is that if we question anything, we can flag it for our tainer to check it before we approve it. Whew... takes a little pressure off.

By "we" and "our" I mean Renee and I. We started together. She was in that group presentation/interview thing I had with the five other people... we both got hired, yeeeaaa! Our offices are right next door to each other... unfortunately she got the one right across the hall from the main door, so she gets that annoyance all day. It's kind of loud with the security beep, the clunk of the unlock and the bang of the door shutting. Plus her doorway is straight across from the door, so everyone walks through looking at her sitting at her desk... no privacy unless she kept her door shut.

My office is about three steps down from hers and I've been able to tune out the noise... I just jam to my music while doing my work. We're on the sixth floor... just wish I had a window. And I haven't figured it out yet or bothered to ask, but several times a day I feel the floor rumbling and vibrating. This is an office building... with like... concrete floors or something. So I got no idea whats going on down on the fifth floor??

It's quite a building... shnazzy building. Very artzy with shiny metal and glass. I had trouble just trying to work the elevator. The button looks like a bolt cover... very deceiving. The entryway is like a small plaza and our parking garage is on the other side of it. So it's like parking in the garage and walking across the patio to the front door. My last job, we were in a small three bedroom starter home with everyone trying to fit their cars in the drive. Most times I would park in the yard. God forbid if we had customers... they had to park wherever they could get their car.

What I love most about this job... I don't have to answer phones while trying to get all my work done. That is draining when you're trying to fill multiple positions, you know, the "wearing many hats" type of jobs or concentrating on something in particular that needs your full attention. You get burnt out and frustrated with the constant interruptions. This position is relatively stress free compared to my past jobs. It might be nice to be a little more laid back for awhile. It also gives me training in a new area to add to my resume. Broadens my future job prospects... you gotta like that!


Beth in NC said...

That sounds great! I'm happy for you!!!

Michelle said...

Thanks, Beth. :)