Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cancer Recurrance: New Schedule of Appts

I saw the surgeon, Dr. Eddleman, on Thursday, he doesn't do arm ports.  He said they are more prone to problems like blood clots.  I explained the debacle with the last port they TRIED to place in my chest, he wasn't sure why they tried placing it so low.  He showed me were he would place it.  He told me if I felt more comfortable with an arm port, he would refer me to someone that does it and assured me he wouldn't be offended.  After talking with him about it and with such the great surgery he did for my biopsy, I agreed to do it his way.  Granted, I'm a little nervous about doing this after the last time, and I really don't need one more scar on my chest... but I have faith in him and I trust him.

Here is my latest schedule of appointments.

MON, Mar 7
12 PM
Pre-Surgery Testing
REX Hospital

TUE, Mar 8
7:15 AM
Surgery to place Portacath
Dr. Eddleman

FRI, Mar 11
9 AM
Results & Discussion – Set up treatment
Dr. Olajide

THU, Mar 17
1 PM
Post-Surgical Checkup
Dr. Eddleman