Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cancer Recurrence: 2nd Round of Chemo

I went in yesterday thinking I wouldn't be allowed to have chemo because I had been so sick, but weirdly enough, my counts were excellent, liver and kidneys very good... I think it was my liver that she said was better this time than last.  Go figure, I guess chemo does agree with me.  *lol*  I chalk it up to God and all the prayers being sent on my behalf.

So I had my second round yesterday.  Mom was able to go in and sit with me this time since flu season is "technically" over.  I am doing much better, still dealing with the coughing and chest congestion.  For some reason, every morning around 4 am, I go into a coughing jag.  I'm glad to be coughing that crap up out of my lungs, but it definitely puts a crimp in my sleeping time.

I'm in new territory now, last time I only had the one round of chemo, then I moved here to NC and my new doctor stopped it.

from all my Blog and Facebook friends and family

Back in the beginning of January, an old high school classmate sent me a message on Facebook.  He had seen my post about the cancer recurrence, he told me about his wife's cancer and said he'd keep me in his prayers.  He was writing me from his wife's hospital room where she was receiving radiation treatments for brain tumors they had recently found.  I haven't seen or talked to him since high school, I had some classes with him but didn't really hang out with him; I find it amazing how something like this can cause others to reach out for whatever reasons and it really touched my heart.  He's posted a few comments of support, well wishes and prayers.  Since I've been so tired and then sick, I hadn't really been on Facebook, not that I was ever on very much before all this, but I was wondering about him and how his wife was doing.  Tonight I happened to check out his page before I sent a message to see if any updates were posted and saw that his wife had passed.  I would like to request prayers for him in this period of loss and grief.  Since you all have been so amazing and supportive for me and it has meant so much... I am hoping that your swell of support and prayers would help him through this awful time.  *Since he contacted me privately, I wish to respect his privacy and not identify him by name.  Some of my high school Facebook friends may know him and this situation. I know he'll see this post and any support/prayer comments left in regard to him.*

I want to thank all my little online "angels".  Hugs and kisses to all!  Most of all I want to thank you, Lord, for being my true rock.


Supi said...

Sorry to hear about your friends wife. My condolence and prayers to him and his family.

Anonymous said...

Prayers are being sent

Lola said...

I just found you through the next blog feature, and your story is touching. Sending positive thoughts and prayers you way. -Lola My Happiness Blog

BrigitaO said...

sory about your friends wife. just started following you :)

Claire said...

You have an informative blog. I’ve learned something from it. I do have mine too Thanks