Monday, October 17, 2011

Chemo: Cycle 1

Had my first round (or cycle, as they refer to it) of the new chemotherapy today.  Had a bit of trouble accessing the port when we first got started.  They couldn't find the place  the needle had to go in.  Freaked the nurse out, she seemed traumatized over it.  My arm was still a little sore and at one point I DID feel the needle going in my arm... which caused me to flinch.  But they soon figured it out and I'm usually a pretty good sport about this kind of stuff.  Sometimes things like this happen.  Now they know what they're looking for.

So far no bad side effects, no nausea.  Just real tired.  Was there quite a bit longer than expected today.  Arrived at 12:40 pm and left at 3:40 pm.  Shouldn't take that long in the future.  Labs, consult with doctor, chemo... should only be about an hour... hour and a half at most.

I'm the first, and only patient at this time, getting this particular drug at Rex Cancer Center.  How cool is that... I'm a PIONEER!

The drug is Brentuximab Vedotin, also known as Adcetris.
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