Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chemo: Cycle 5...

I had my 5th cycle of chemo on Feb. 14th, Valentines Day...  It went well, I got hooked up to the meds then sat back with my mocha and listened to a podcast of "Alcatraz" by Jorge Garcia and Bethany Shady (Sidekick22), you can also listen and follow at Diego's Soul Patch.

If you didn't know, Jorge played Hugo (Hurley) on "LOST" and is currently playing Dr. Diego Soto (Doc) on "Alcatraz".  Bethany is Jorge's girlfriend and partner for the podcast... they had also done a podcast for "LOST" when that was going on... that's where I got hooked.  **In case you decide it's better late than never... Geronimo Jack's Beard: A Lost Podcast.**