Friday, November 21, 2008

Simon... and Probably More Radiation

Wednesday night Simon never came home... he wasn't there in the morning either. He usually comes in when I get home from work and I always see him in the morning. I was concerned, but not yet panicked.

Before I left for work I checked the road and the ditch, then I went next door to see if maybe he had something open the day before that Simon may have crawled into. He said the back of the truck had been open and he would check.

I told Pat when I got to work... Pat is the one who found him abandoned, he brought him in so I could take him home.

After work, I stopped at my mom's so I could do her hair. When I got home, still no Simon. At this point I'm really starting to get worried.

Then, about 11 PM, he came in... kinda banged up with many scrapes. Dragging a bit... got up on his spot at the bottom of my bed and slept all night, he didn't get up until I did. Missy Bug had jumped up beside him and stopped dead... she started sniffing him, then she turned and walked away. She didn't bother him all night. (She's usually all over top of him trying to wrestle and play) She even slept at the top of the cat tower instead of on the bed. Interesting, huh? She definitely sensed something was amiss. I figure he got caught up in something, under something, or got clipped and rolled.

I told Pat this morning; he said he stopped at my house yesterday, calling and looking for him. He checked the ditches also.

Now the other thing... I have a huge lymphoma/cancer lump on my arm. It's getting so big and pushing outwards that it's starting to stretch the skin. It itches and hurts. Mom was on me last night about it; and Ron, from work, has been bugging me to get to the doctors also... so, okay mom, I called and made an appointment to see Dr. Ornick. I have an appointment at 1:30 on Monday. Really kind of surprised that I got an appointment so quickly. I'll more than likely start radiation treatments again next month.


artisticace'smom said...

Sorry to hear all least gas prices have come down since you'll have to go to Raleigh for the treatments. Let us know what happens.

Beth in NC said...

I'm glad Simon showed up and is "ok" ...

I am sorry to hear you will need treatments. I pray the meds only attack the bad cells and you will feel healthy and strong. God bless you!