Sunday, November 16, 2008

Stuff... Grey's Anatomy, My Roof, Power Outage and Sky On Fire

Okay... First item, Grey's Anatomy:

I was getting disgusted with the whole lesbian thing that recently transpired between two of the characters. The show was really going too far with that. It wasn't just a couple doing couple things, it was getting very sexually detailed.

TMI... Too Much Information!!! Let me say it again... TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!

I really don't care for all the detailed heterosexual sex crap going on in most shows these days. But when you have a previously married female doctor getting 'pointers' from her former male lover on how to please her current female lover... ugh... please! I was quickly losing interest in this show.

Then Thursday night... the only reason I was watching the other night, was because the end of last week showed Denny returning. (Denny was the patient that needed a heart transplant, he and Izzy (one of the interns) fell in love. He got the transplant... but ended up dying anyway. It was tragic and heart-wrenching. I am not ashamed to say... I bawled like a baby! Then we find out Denny was wealthy and left Izzy $8 million dollars.)

Anyway. Denny is back, albeit, a spirit/ghost, but he's back. Woohoo! Denny (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Izzy (Katherine Heigl) had great chemistry. I'm hoping, and expecting, there to be a good reason for this ghostly comeback; I've been reading that it may be a storyline to end the character of Izzy. Katherine Heigl wants out of her contract so Izzy may be getting a brain tumor and dying, Denny is either a hallucination or come to comfort her through her illness and death.

Also... the lesbian doctor has left SGH (Seattle Grace Hospital). Another woohoo!

My thoughts on this sudden change of events.... They should have never let Denny die and realized that after the fact. I believe they killed Denny off because Denny/Izzy lovestory was becoming stronger than Meredith/McDreamy lovestory. They were overshadowing the main character. Then, with this lesbian storyline that I believe was turning fans off, they needed something strong to get ratings back... voila! Katherine's character needs to be exterminated, lets bring back the strong favorite, the character of Denny. The much beloved duo is back together for one last time! I expect strong ratings again for Grey's Anatomy.

Second item... My Roof:

I woke up Friday morning to a tap tapping above my head. It sounded like I had a dripping kitchen sink above my bed. Ohhh, noooo! I really don't need THIS! So I called the roof guy, which from the sound of his voice, I believe I woke him up. He said he could get here in about an hour. By the time he got here the rain had turned to a light drizzle, so you could no longer hear the tapping. He got up on the roof to check things out.

Basically, he couldn't find a definite problem. He saw some holes that had sealant over instead of being properly repaired, but nothing that screamed 'hey, we got a leak here'! He said he couldn't get a real good look because the shingles were brittle and cracking, if he messed with them too much it WOULD cause a problem.

My choices... wait to see if I start getting staining or water coming through my ceiling, or reshingle just that area where I heard the dripping. I chose to be proactive in this case, knowing if I waited it would cost even more. GOOD CHOICE, MICHELLE.

He came Saturday morning. He said it was lucky I did the reshingle. When he got the old shingles up he could see the water was getting through. This is where it got odd... he said I had good ears, the paper was wet on top but hadn't penetrated through yet. If I had let it go, I definitely would have ended up with a bigger mess.

So what was the tapping I was hearing...? It was plain as day and pretty loud. It sounded like it was hitting metal or something that was amplifying the sound. If you asked me... It's a God-thing! Very much a God-thing!

He told me I would need to reshingle the whole front side in the next year. The back side had newer shingles and was still in decent shape. So I need to come up with $1600. to get that done.

Third item... Power went out:

I'd have to say it went out about 1:30/2:00, I didn't think to look at my cell phone when it first went out, but I did call Progress and the system said they were expecting to have power restored by 3:30. At 4:30 it still wasn't restored, so I called again. Now I was being told the expected time was 7:00.

I was trying to get the trimwork done in the livingroom. I got it taped up and got one coat on, but it was starting to get dark and still had no power. I hadn't eaten all day, no stove, no microwave, no tv, no radio, no computer... talk about a shock to the system... now what am I gonna do, as I sat there twiddling my thumbs.

I started to call my sister to gauge the extent of the situation, but mom buzzed in. As I was sitting outside talking to her, I noticed the sky over Raleigh was turning red-orange and coming my way. It looked like Raleigh was burning and heading straight for me. Then the leaves at the tree line on the horizon started glistening like they were lit with red lights. It was awesome, but slightly unnerving. It was wild looking. I grabbed my camera to get some pics... then it quickly disappeared.


artisticace'smom said...

Funky color dude, were you expecting a trumpet blast at any second? ("in the twinkling of an eye...")I probably would have...freaky...

Anonymous said...

Fantastic sunset. :o Looks like an exaggerated painting. xD

Michelle said...

I felt like I stepped back and was watching one of those movies that you scream at the characters... "What are you just sitting there for? Man, if I saw something unreal like that I'd be heading for cover or getting the heck out of there, not taking pictures!" That's when you see the tripod martian things come up over the treetops, or a raging out-of-control forest fire... and you're saying, "I told ya, stupid idiot, you deserve to die for being so stupid"!

Cindy said...

Wow... how amazing! Those pictures are defintely frame-worthy! Jessica will LOVE them!