Monday, December 8, 2008

I finally broke down...

Ok Laura, I finally broke down and bought a bra... since I received a $25.00 off coupon in my email, I decided I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Don't want to be at work and have it bust wide open... that wouldn't be a pretty sight!

I just got done eating peanut butter & jelly on toast for lunch. I was gonna go to Subway and get a sub, but decided at this point I needed the bra more. The phones are barely ringing and our heat is out, so Ron and I are sitting here in the quiet and COLD. If the HVAC company doesn't get here soon, we're going to close up early. According to my little digital temperature thingy... it's 66 degrees in here; cool yes, but not as bad as expected. Not much lower than I've been keeping it at home to keep the electric bill down.

Had my radiation session this morning. Hit an unexpected traffic jam just before Crabtree Valley Mall, made me 8 minutes late for my appointment. But I did get a nice surprise this morning. The technician I had last spring was there this morning... Matt. He's such a sweet personable guy. I wondered where he was last week and thought maybe he had changed schedules or something. Matt & Martha... great people! They make the horrid trip down worthwhile.

Well, must get back to work. Oooo... tonight it's my 'Get LOST Again' night. Four hours of LOST on SciFi channel.


artisticace'smom said...

I'm sooo glad you have replaced that mess. If you were ever in a wreck, those paramedics might assume you spent your money on drugs instead of necesities...they just might... not fight as hard to save ya...glad that's not likely now!

Just kidding...anyway, I hope you are feeling better, especially after the long trip from Youngsville, to Raleigh, to Spring Hope, and back.

Beth in NC said...

Ok, what is up with the bra. LOL I'm glad you got a new one. They usually do some great supporting. :o)

Beth in NC said...

You have an award on my page. Come and get it! Congrats! Beth