Monday, December 15, 2008

Radiation Update

It's been 11 days since I started radiation treatments on the lump on my arm. The color is better, the lump has shrunk, and the itching and pain has decreased significantly.

I caught Missy Bug running around with my Timon bobbly-head cereal box toy. It's hard plastic and pretty good sized... not something I imagined she'd take off with. It was quite amusing to see her carrying it around.

And this is the newest Missy Bug mess I've come home to...

I am severely tired, so I'm going to bed and fall to sleep watching Pride & Prejudice.


Beth in NC said...

I'm thankful the lump is shrinking and looking/feeling better! And sister, you must love your cat. I would be ready to string her up!

Bless you!

Michelle said...

Missy Bug IS taking me there... but I keep in mind that she's a baby. She's so darn adorable! Plus I'm gone all day and the boys ditch her... she's got to entertain herself somehow, I guess!

Jack is older and beats on her if she annoys him, he also crawls up on top of the cupboard to get away from her.

Simon just jumps ship and spends his time outside, he comes in to say hey and eat, then goes back out. Can't blame the poor boy... whenever he does come in, she spends the entire time pouncing, wrestling, or body slamming him.

Simon is so good with her, it is very sweet. I'm so proud of him. He takes so much 'abuse' from her. He wrestles a bit with her, but mostly tries to hold her down and wash her face. When it gets to be too much he hightails it out the cat door. He never gets mean or hurts her.

Yes, my Missy is a handful! LOL

artisticace'smom said...

I'm glad YOU found her...