Thursday, January 15, 2009

Breathing A Sigh Of Relief...

It's been a stressful week... I found out, as I was leaving work last Friday, that the company I work for is out of money and I wouldn't be getting paid this week. Kept me in panic mode all weekend. I had a heaviness in the center of my chest, I was breathing heavy like I was constantly out of breath. I was nauseous.

All these things that needed to be done were swirling around in my head so fast. I was in such a panic that I couldn't figure out what to do first. I ended up standing still, majorly overwhelmed. I eventually gave it over to God, because it was pretty much out of my hands, why should I be stressing this hard over something I couldn't do anything about. It's hard to do when you're in the middle of that kind of panic.

When I went to see the doctor for my radiation follow-up Tuesday, my blood pressure was 177. Not good! It's never been that high.

I'm happy to report that last night before I left I was informed that we were getting some money from the investors. So I will get paid... might be a few days later, but I will get paid. Whew! Thank you, Lord.


artisticace'smom said...

Gooooo investors!

Beth in NC said...

Oh Michelle, I'm sorry! I'm glad the investors came through for you.