Thursday, January 8, 2009

Week Update

Let's see... went back to work Monday. Dead tired! About 2 AM Sunday night/actually Monday morning, I guess Jackie Cat (Jackson) attempted to jump from the counter to the top of the refrigerator to get on top of the cupboards to hide or get away from Missy Bug. What exactly happened and why... who knows for sure! All I do know that I was in bed and heard a horrendous crash. Not something where you roll over saying, "I'll see what it was in the morning." Kind of like when I hear Jack throwing up in the middle of the night, I'm not jumping out of bed to clean it up, it'll be there in the morning. Just make a mental note to watch where I walk when I do get up!

This was big-crash-need-to-check-out-NOW noise! I didn't see anything in the livingroom, or the spare bedrooms, but as I come back out through the little hall... I see stuff all over the kitchen floor. And Jack barely able to walk. I whisked him up and and laid him on the bed; gently started pressing around his leg and foot. He was making alot of noise, I knew he was in some pain. Jack has had bad injuries before but never growled at me. I was afraid he may have broken something. His leg felt like knotted muscles or something. I thought maybe torn muscle or charlie horse... you know, panicky thoughts when an animal gets injured in the middle of the night. No one to call, unless of course, you feel it is a very real medical emergency and call the vet for an outrageously high-priced emergency room visit.

Well, I attempted to put ice on it... but my ice bag was old and sprung a pretty big leak. I tried draining the water out and just put the bag of ice on it - lightly. He was having nothing to do with that. So I gave him half a diazepam then just held and petted him. Gave him a back and shoulder rub. I heard that purring causes some chemical stuff to release in their brains helping to soothe them and dull pain or discomfort. (Never assume that a purring cat is happy, he may be injured, nervous, or scared.) After about an hour and a half, we finally got to sleep.

In the morning he seemed a little better. He was limping pretty good but was walking. When I got home he was sleeping on my bed, which is pretty much where he's stayed for several days. He's much better now, slightly limping if he over exerts.

Now Missy Bug... when I came home Monday night, she was back to her rip-tearing self.

Tuesday afternoon I received a call from my radiation doctor's office. I had an appointment for this coming Monday. They needed to reschedule it because my doctor was in an accident over the holidays. He was hit buy a transit bus. I guess they were unsure about his condition there for awhile. He is doing better now, out of the woods, but he will not be able to come back to work for a few months. They had to reschedule me with another doctor. Totally blew me away. How awful for him... and his family.

On Wednesday the office had, much to my surprise, a belated birthday lunch for me. Wanda ran around getting everything. She stopped at Olive Garden and picked up a big salad, dressing, and garlic breadsticks; Food Lion, I believe, for one of those roasted chickens and some drinks. She picked up plates, silverware, cups, a tray of dessert cakes. My oh my! It was really nice.

Last night... really funny. Ever have a burp pop out, literally out of nowhere, leaving you thinking, "Where the heck did that come from? Excuuuse me!" Well I had an explosive loud one burst out last night... Missy hit the floor, honest-to-God, she's laying flat, hugging the floor, ears back, looking around for the attacker. It was hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing.

While I was sorting dirty laundry, she was diving, jumping, and snagging everything I threw. I toss a sock over to the white pile and she would come flying through the air arms flailing to snag it. Pants, shirts, bath towels... she goes after it all. I even have to fight her off to get dressed. Do you know how hard it is to get your pants on when you have a cat hanging onto the other end of them? I now sit down to put them on so I don't lose my balance and fall. She is definitely entertainment. I told my mom she's like having a puppy.

This morning I saw something laying on the floor at the foot of my bed. I'm thinking, "What the heck is that?" When I pick it up... it's a chunk of ceiling! My heart jumps, I start running around to see where my ceiling was falling in. We just had some bad storms go through the area. Then I realize, the flat edge has popcorn stuff on it. I had my ceilings scraped before I bought it. It was a chunk from when they did the repairs. She must have found it somewhere... probably on top of the cupboards. A good-morning jump start for the heart! LOL

And Simon is finally letting me pick him up freely. I even turned him over on his back to inspect the bottom of his paws. Whoohoo! Breakthrough.


Beth in NC said...

My goodness, you had a lot to report! The burp is too funny! The wild cat that got hurt -- too sad, but glad all was well in the morning.

I'm sorry your doctor got hit by a bus! What are the chances? Mercy!