Friday, October 23, 2009

In Memory Of Jackson... A Very Sad Day

October 22, 2009
You Will Be Missed!

I had to put Jack down today, or I guess yesterday, since this post is so late.  Even though I prepared myself for this possibility, when he said the words... it was just too much.  I couldn't stop crying.  He's been my buddy for 10 years.  He went really quick... kind of caught me off guard.  I decided to have him cremated... mainly because of my precarious financial situation.  I didn't want to bury him out back and then lose my house... I didn't want to chance leaving him behind so soon after his death.  I couldn't take that right now.

Yes, my cats are like my kids.  I don't have kids so they are my substitute.

It was cancer.  His health diminished rather quickly.  He had lost weight, he was dehydrated, and he had abcesses (ulcers) in his mouth.  I noticed some bad breath Sunday night, by Tuesday night he was drooling.  I wanted to take him to the vet on Wednesday, but I couldn't find him... evidently he found a new hiding place to sleep.  I was afraid he had crawled off to die or something.

He was such a character, he made me laugh all the time.  He followed me around like a dog.  I would take a walk around the block with Jack and Bubba following at my heels.  He would follow me around the house and lay at my feet while I cooked or did dishes.  Somtimes he would lay on the side counter and watch me prepare meals.  I would talk to him all the time... I am going to miss him.

This is the look I got quite often, then he would nod his head slightly upwards... like he was saying, "Hey, what's up?"  Just like people do when they pass others, that subtle little head jerk upwards and usually combined with a muttered "hey".

I've been worried for some time that he had cancer.  I had another cat, Bubba James, he was Jack's buddy.  He was put down in February 2004 with cancer.  In December 2004 I was diagnosed with cancer.  In the back of my head I wondered if maybe we were all exposed to something.  But for the last few months I noticed some things that concerned me... things that reminded me of Bubba.  Although they were things a vet doesn't take too serious, especially new young vets, when I said something in May at Jack's checkup.  Well, apparently I was right.

This was my Bubba James.

I love you boys!