Thursday, October 23, 2008

McCain vs Obama

"Apparently, as my opponent sees it, there's a strict limit to your earnings and wealth, and it's for politicians to decide. The proper amount of wealth is not what you can earn, but what government will let you keep."

Is this what America is to become... our government saying, "Sorry, you made too much money. I'm taking some of it to give to someone else. It's only fair to them. It's better for the country this way."

NO! It's not! America is about working hard and reaping the benefits of that hard work or risks YOU took to better YOUR financial situation. I want to decide where I want MY money to go! YOU should decide where YOU want YOUR money to go!

I'm not wealthy by any means. I'm struggling. I'm barely getting by. BUT, I'm not giving up, and I'm not sitting back expecting everyone else to carry me by forking over their hard-earned money. I keep plugging along... with the gracious help of my friends and family from time to time.

I would like to think... what I aspire to... is that someday I will be able to better my situation and after all my years of struggle, I should get to keep what I've worked so hard for. I should decide how it gets spent and who I spend it on. Not have it taken from me... Not have the government decide that I've crossed that line and.. oops, earned over my limit.

And while I'm at it....

We get taxed on our income, then that money is taxed again when we use it. What the heck are you people [in government] doing with all our money. It just never seems to be enough for you!

I'm tired of my [tax] money funding things like Planned Parenthood when I believe abortion is murder. I believe homosexuality is a sin, and I don't want my [tax] money funding gay right activism or agendas. I believe the failing liberal public school systems are a joke and I shouldn't have to support it. I believe that is my right and I should have a say about it. Quit spending my hard-earned money for your political agendas!

{Beware, here comes the ranting...}

  • I'd rather have my money spent on such things as investigating welfare and disability fraud and fixing that broken system.
  • Insurance fraud.
  • Do something about lawsuit abuse in this country, frivolous lawsuits are tying up the courts. And why is it that the accused have more rights than the victims?
  • And how the heck doctors and hospitals can get away with charging what they do... $3.00 for an aspirin? (I lost my eyesight at one time and the doctor charged $100. everytime he came in, put a card in my hand and asked me to read it. I'd say I can't see it. He'd leave. He was there for maybe three minutes.) I don't believe in socialized healthcare, but, I think there should be some sort of regulation or caps on some things.
  • What about my rights as a Christian? Anyone can tromp all over my rights without a second thought. (Where's the ACLU in these instances?? - lol - usually defending the people tromping on my rights.)

These are just some of the things that bother me and affect my world.

{End of rant... for now.}


artisticace'smom said...

Good rant...I enjoyed it.