Thursday, October 2, 2008

What's Up With Me?

Well... so far I still have a job. Thank you Lord! Like alot of folks, I've been financially strapped lately. My property tax was increased... which caused my house payment to go up. Then I found out they made an error on my tax statement. It's actually a little over a hundred dollars more. So if I send it in to my mortgage company, it will cause my house payment to increase even more... so basically I have to suck it up and pay it myself. Great!

I had to let my lawn guy go... I could only afford to get a push mower, so it takes me forever to mow my lawn (I've got a pretty good sized lawn). Thankfully it's pretty flat, just a little too big for me to handle with a push mower. So between trying to do the lawn, get rooms painted, get the guest rooms together, cleaning, laundry, organize my finances and my office area... a two day weekend is just not long enough to accomplish everything I need to do. So now you understand why I have a hard time keeping updated with my blogging.

In addition, I cut my cable back and disconnected my house phone. I was expecting to get rid of the cable completely, but when I called in and explained to the rep my situation she took her time and figured out a way I could keep some of the cable with a promotional plan that I think I can swing. I can always cut it later if I still need to.

I'm trying to get the one guest room done and my house in order because I'm gonna have to get a roommate to help make ends meet. I absolutely hate the thought of bringing a stranger into my home... but I guess you do what you have to in times like these. I'm desperately trying to keep hold of this house. I really don't want to become just another foreclosure statistic. Sometimes life just sucks.

More about the roommate thing later... I've got to get to bed. Tomorrow and Friday I'll be packing up the office for the move on Saturday. I don't want to even think about the fiasco this is going to be. Later.

Oh! And on a lighter note... I came home tonight to find bunny fur on my floor. I started to look around for it. I didn't find a body... but I did find the little things cotten tail! Ugh! I'm just praying Simon took it back outside. I really don't want to end up finding it by smell! Aren't cats grand!

Goodnight all!


artisticace'smom said...

Glad to hear the update, I've been wondering what has been going on in your life. I sure do understand that financially strapped thing.
Are you moving the office nearby the other?
As for blogging, I really need to give an October update too, life is so hectic right now.
I look forward to seeing you on Sunday, we are having italian and chocolate!