Thursday, September 10, 2009

ACORN Corruption Continues - Caught On Video

Whoa baby!!

After all the corruption surrounding ACORN during the election last fall, with nothing really being done about it... I figured, given enough time, they'd burn their own house down. You can hide that much corruption for only so long! They were getting too big, too arrogant, getting too much money and too much recognition from this Administration.

Obama is gonna have to pitch 'em overboard or risk being pulled down with them. What did he say last year while campaigning... something about the people he surrounds himself with. Yep, I keep taking note of those surrounding him as they pop up over and over again in the news... investigations, stepping down, caught on video... Is this what is meant by Chicago-style politics? Surround yourself with the most corrupt, liberal, socialistic people/groups you can find? Sort of a Russian roulette, throw the dice kind of thing? Fool the people and get away with it all by slight of hand or go down in flames?!

Is the public and the media finally going to admit just how corrupt this organization really is? Only time will tell!