Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama's Latest Health Care Speech: In My Opinion

Personally, I found the speech inflammatory. For a speech meant to bring both sides together in agreement on what should be done (or so I thought)... the President's remarks were partisan and very offensive.

On the issue, it is my opinion that the President must think we are a bunch of idiots to believe that this will not cost any more tax payer dollars... that it will be funded by waste and fraud saved in other programs! If there is that much waste and fraud, and if it's that easy to find, why hasn't something been done already?

Look at all the government-run programs that are broken and running out of money: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the govt-run health program for Native Americans on reservations. Do you really think this will be any different? REALLY?! There is one thing I know for sure.... the government cannot manage money!!!

And just so you know whose perspective you're getting here.... I have no health insurance, I am laid off and I can't afford health insurance, and I have cancer! But I am not about to get on THIS health care reform bandwagon! Not until the liberal left get a little realistic. Nothing will change if it HAS to be done in one fell swoop! Make changes that make sense and start there.

Changes I can get on board with:

- Health Insurance oversight.
- Tort Reform is a must.
- Cleaning up fraud and waste.
- Open health insurance across state lines.
- Make it illegal to to turn down or water down coverage for individuals for pre-existing conditions.
- Make it illegal to terminate individual's coverage because they are ill.
- Tax break for companies that provide employee's with coverage.

Overall, I agree with this comment I saw on a blog:

"Hmm…. Looks like some folks think government is built to deliver health care. Now that is insane. The more weighty matter is that DOH already is so massive it already threatens our ability to put more to constructive defense spending and innovation. Last time I checked the founding fathers put the government to defend the people not run the nations medical industry. Ask yourself a question – when is the last time government was efficient? When was the last time it wasn’t political?"

So, there you have it... my thoughts, my opinion, on the subject of Health Care Reform.