Thursday, September 17, 2009

Major ACORN Update!

U.S. House of Representatives have voted to stop ALL Federal funds to ACORN!

The House voted 345-75 to strike ACORN funding from a student aid bill with two voting present.

The Defund ACORN Act prohibits any "federal contract grant, cooperative agreement or any other form of agreement (including a memorandum of understanding" from being awarded to or entered into with the group. It also prohibits federal funds "in any other form" from being provided.

Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee, suggested the vote is essentially symbolic because the student aid bill did not actually provide any funding to ACORN.

However, the language refers to all federal contracts so it applies to any federal money.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., who introduced the "motion to recommit" attached to the Student Aid and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009, said the decision followed a Senate vote on Monday to strip housing funds for ACORN and the Census Bureau's decision last week to cut ties to the group.

"The battle, however, to deny ACORN federal funding is not over until the president signs the bill into law. ACORN gave significant support to Democrats and Americans must remain vigilant to avoid backtracking or efforts to water down prohibitions denying Federal funds to this corrupt organization," said

At this time, however, I don't trust Obama to do what is right. On one hand, I think, how can he not sign it. If anything else happens, if anything more comes out or gets uncovered... it'll ALL be on him and him alone! Surely he wouldn't risk his presidency over such a corrupt organization? On the other hand, ACORN gave him a lot of support. Obama made ACORN promises of helping to shape his agenda and who knows what else. I do know Obama and his administration were throwing an awful lot of power and money ACORN's way. So, is he prepared to not just turn his back on them but pitch them overboard completely? And I certainly hope he doesn't try to use this situation to bargain through his health care agenda! A little tit-for-tat to garner Republican support! Only time will tell.

This part did not suprise me at all:

The 75 lawmakers who voted "no" and two who voted "present" were all Democrats.

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REPS that voted FOR cutting funds to ACORN:

REPS that voted AGAINST cutting funds to ACORN:

REPS that voted PRESENT (neither For or Against) cutting funds to ACORN:

REPS that DID NOT VOTE on cutting funds to ACORN:

Here's the link to the vote results:


Anonymous said...

Man, that's fascinating. I've been kinda following all this. :o

Michelle said...

I'm am so glad that you are. It is important to know what your government is doing and where your country is going. Be involved. When you vote, it is your responsibility to know just who you're voting for and what they stand for.

I didn't start following news and politics until I was in my thirties. Sometimes dad used the news as punishment when we were kids... don't know if it was intentional, but that's what it felt like to us. There's nothing worse for an eight year old than to HAVE to sit on the couch with dad while he watched the news. I would have rather took a lickin' and be done with it. Took awhile to get past that "trauma". *LOL*

Now I have such interest in it that I watch it all the time and following it on the internet. I think if I had started sooner, then maybe I would have gotten involved in politics or studied it in school. Who knows...

So now I do what I can to have my voice heard in whatever way possible... letters, emails, petitions, polls, support and most importantly... voting.

Never stop educating yourself.

Luv ya,
Aunt Shelly