Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Oh Joy...! (+) Tom Delay On "Dancing W/The Stars".

Okay, this "gift" was more than expected! *Thank you my sweet baby kitty... which ever one it was.* I found it yesterday behind my bathroom door in front of the shower. I thought I'd share it since I know how you all love that sort of thing. *LOL*

Love the close-up? ;) That is a rat, isn't it? I've never seen a real live wild rat. I think that's what it is.

Monday I was mowing the lawn and hit an ant hill... those red biting ants. I got bit up pretty good all around my ankles. It was pretty nasty, had to break out the witch hazel, now I have all these ugly scabs!

Nathan came walking by shortly after I started mowing and pretty much finished it up... it started getting dark, so there was a section I finished up the next day. Thank you, Nathan... that was a big help and I very much appreciate it. He said he remembered moving me in... that, I believe, was the first time I met him. At that time I really didn't know him... he was just one of my niece's friends that came to help. I didn't get to know him until later.

~ ~ ~ More Cat Pics ~ ~ ~

This is Jack trying to fit his big butt into the casserole dish basket.

He's not that photogenic, he always looks so perturbed and irritated.

Missy in her chair that sits beside mine. She loves it when I twirl the chair in circles.

Here she is on the bathroom floor. I love the way she sprawls. It's pretty funny and so darn cute! That's her "I'm hot!" position. Sometimes she lays right over the vent. (The first pic is a little blurry.)

In case you missed it!

I don't watch "Dancing With The Stars" but I wanted to see how Tom Delay did and if he had a chance in heck of staying for awhile. So here you go... the second dance was more suited for his age, but I couldn't find it as a stand alone on YouTube.

You can see the second dance here... it's a version that is obviously edited but if you want to wait out the beginning you can see a clip of the second dance.