Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Love My Cats, I Love My Cats, I Love My Cats...

...but sometimes they just really take me there.

Having lived with cats my whole life, I have become accustomed to the "gifts" they drag in. The rabbits, mice, chipmunks, and birds... dead and alive. But I have to say... the "new gifts" and the consistancy that I've been dealing with it this past year, I don't know whether to laugh, yell, or cry. There is usually a lot of hmphing, groaning and eye rolling!

Missy Bug (how appropriate that name turned out to be) is the biggest culprit. She is constantly bringing in bugs of all sorts. The worst one... ohhh... was this big bug, I could hear it coming way before I knew she was bringing it. I could hear this noise... and this hissing... I didn't know what it was or where it was coming from. I was like, "What is that?", "What is that?" My head was up, kind of cocked, listening. Was it on tv, was it outside, what the heck is that?

Then she appears and drops it near me... this huge bug with what looked like pinchers at it's mouth. It was fighting back and hissing soooo loud! She tried to get hold of it again but it was biting or pinching her. I had to get a jar and chase it around a bit to capture it and take it outside. Not the highlight of my night!

Since then I have had multitudes of bugs, moths, lizards, and frogs. Specifically these little mini frogs, I thought they were just babies but they never seem to grow up. They are always that same small size. I'm finding them eveywhere, usually dead and dried up. I'm constantly vacuuming them up. Aaauuugh! And now these grasshopper looking things, but they are shorter, stouter, and very bright green with these strong wings.

Yesterday I saw a lump on the floor and thought, "What now?" It was a lump of clay. She had brought in a clay ball from under the deck. Guess that's what she was chasing all over the living room.

Tonight, oh tonight, never expected this... I heard her under the table playing with something. *eyes roll* Missy! I turned the overhead light on and I see something slim and stretched out... moving. Good Lord, she brought in an EARTHWORM! Have you ever known a cat to bring in an earthworm. I don't know what I'm gonna do with her! Thank heavens fall and winter is coming... hopefully I can get a little break from all this. I'm half afraid she's gonna drag a snake in next!

Missy Bug a year ago.

She has the softest, silkiest fur. And her fuzzy little paws... I adore it when she wraps them around my feet or ankles, it's so sweet. I want to hug and sqeeze and cuddle her all the time... but she absolutely HATES to be held. She squirms and fights and growls so loud you think she's gonna turn on you in a flash. But she doesn't... she's just a noise maker. I hug her and kiss her and love her all up, then I make a big production of letting her go. That way she knows she didn't have to struggle to get away, I let her go. She's a stray I took in from the wild when she was about 2 months old, so she has some issues. Before she would take off and put some distance between us. She wouldn't let me near for a little while. Now, I love her up and set her down... she'll look at me for a few then come over and curl up between my feet.

She still has issues with visitors but it's getting better. If someone walked up to the house or God forbid, came inside, she was out the cat door, across the yard, and under the neighbor's fence in a flash. She wouldn't come back for hours, and when she did, she would only come as far as the bush next to the fence. I would have to go out and coax her to me so I could catch her and carry her in (struggling and growling the whole way) to show her that is was now safe. Now she races into the guest room to hide under the bed or into my room under the dresser. If the visitor sits down and remains relatively still and quiet, she'll come out to visit... keeping her distance, of course. Only once did she come out and act relatively normal, sitting in the open and coming close. That was with my friend Pat. I used to work with him and once in awhile he stops in for a visit. She felt comfortable enough with him. He's a cat lover too and understands the situation. He doesn't go flitting about making loud noises or quick movements. My nephew, CJ, has done pretty good also. He sat still while she came in from outside and made her way into my bedroom.

Missy & Jack


Missy & Simon On The Deck

Simon On The Deck

Missy & Simon - Nap Mates

Three Of My Favorite Baby Missy Pics

She was so little.



Anonymous said...

Man, she has grown a looot. I remember her as the kitten... xD

Michelle said...

I get a kick out of seeing her and Simon standing next to each other... she's so much bigger than him now! *lol* My sweet baby girl... the wild-woman amazon kitty body slamming the boys to the ground.